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Priest(ess) Of Rymrgand


Growing to adulthood in the White That Wends, all Pale Elves are at least familiar with Rymrgand in the sense that they acknowledge the God of Annihilation to a greater degree that those people who are fortunate to inhabit warmer and more pleasant climes. The Eternal Winter seems closer there than in all other places and those even the least pious of them must acknowledge the power of the Beast of Winter but beyond that most Pale Elves do not draw any conclusions about the world or gods. Gudrun was always different; in the White That Wends, nothing grows, nothing rises from the frozen husks that the cold has wrought and the quiet stillness of all things is readily apparent. Sometimes the wind itself ceases to blow and there is nothing. Gudrun always noticed this, always noticed that everything ends in quietude. Though learning of all the gods, Gudrun's largely self-taught mysticism and arcane knowledge gradually came to realise that whatever other Kith aspirations most of the gods represent, they all will eventually fall to the God of Winter and will never return. The end will come for everything, even the gods and only the Beast of Winter allows for this revelation. The other gods are just playing a game of time, but even time will be consumed by entropy and the Beast. The revelation that Rymrgand and the other gods are artificial constructs did nothing to diminish this conviction. Rymrgand's truth and symbolism remains true, artificial or not, remains and the ephemeral nature of the world and the other gods remains as well. In the end, there will be only nothing. To this end Gudrun has studied the nature of the Wheel and cosmos, the gods, the history so as to better appreciate the slow and inevitable decay that will come for everything.


N.B. This build requires a single mod that allows access to already available, yet hidden classes, including the Priest of Rymrgand, Priest of Woedica, Steel Garrotte Paladin, et al. If you are allergic to using any mods, even ones that do not change any mechanics, this one is not for you. Mod is linked below:




Why play a Priest of Rymrgand? Apart from the obviously cool RPG reasons an Rymrgand being the coolest god of them all (no pun intended), the Priest of Rymrgand's special spells of among the best of any Priest subclass in the game. Touch of Rot remains useful even at the highest difficulties as a slow, wear them down DOT killer and virtually every other spell is at least decent. Noxious Burst and Blast of Frost of are very good and Ningauth's Freezing Pillar, which you acquire as a level 6 level comparable to Wizards is amazing in most situations for its AOE, hobbling and overall damage output. The final two, specialised spells are fantastic and on top of all of that you get all the standard Priest spells, some of which are great in their own right, such as Minor Avatar, Litany For The Spirit and Devotions for the Faithful. The Priest's spiritual weapon, dual frost battle axes are very effective when combined with high Perception and Might and the Bleeding effect suits the class thematically very well. In short the Priest of Rymrgand is a power house in most ways and incredibly fun to play and who wouldn't want to play a Priest of the greatest of gods?



The End Bringer


Difficulty: PotD v2.0.0.0030


Class: Priest of Rymrgand


Race: Pale Elf


Background: The White That Wends, Mystic


Stats (char creation, no Berath's Blessings):

MIG: 18

CON: 6

DEX: 13

PER: 20

INT: 18

RES: 5


Important Skills: Arcana, Metaphysics


Abilities (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important)


Touch Of Rot (a)

Restore ®

Barbs Of Condemnation ®


Blizzard (a)

Spiritual Weapon ®

Two Weapon Style ®

Two-Handed Style !


Spreading Plague (a)

Prayer For the Spirit ®

Consecrated Ground ®

Combat Focus !


Noxious Burst (a)

Devotions For The Faithful !

Secrets of Rime !

Spirit of Decay !


Blast Of Frost (a)

Litany For the Spirit (!)

Far Casting (!)

Rapid Casting (!)

Practiced Healer ®


Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar (a)+(!)

Improved Critical (!)


Death Ring (a)

Minor Avatar ®

Storm of Holy Fire ®


Symbol of Rymrgand (a)

Dismissal ®


Call Of Rymrgand (a)

Prestige (!)




The only item I see as ABSOLUTELY necessary for this build is the Water Shaper's Rod. Swipe it from Tekehu and upgrade it ASAP to +3 Frost/Water Power Level bonus. It will make your Frost spells incredibly powerful. Otherwise I don't want to be too orthodox or prescriptive. Basically anything that enhances Might, Perception and Intellect are good, whatever those items might be. In general light armour that allows for short recovery is best. Also, although not required, I found Thaos' Headdress to be very helpful. In addition to +1 Intellect, its Conspirator ability adds +5 accuracy to your spells, every useful.


Build and Gameplay


As stated above I do not want to be too prescriptive with this build. Spells I mentioned are the ones I view as the most important; if I did not mention one, feel free to use it. As for stats, race and background, it is up to you, I just decided to run an RPG heavy Pale Elf who is a Mystic. For my playthrough I had Xoti with me the whole time so I did not need to invest in some Priest spells I otherwise might have invested in. Essentially the Priest of Ryrmgand is a Buffer/Spell Caster/AOE Damage Dealer/Off Support. Your Frost spells have massive damage potential, as through your own skills and the Water Shaper's Rod you can quickly annihilate enemies. Call of Ryrmgand can be insane after casting it and then dropping Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar into it. Most enemies in the game (outside of Beast of Winter DLC) do not have strong Frost Resistance. Touch of Rot is great at slowly whittling away at enemies and when all else fails, Spiritual Weapon+Minor Avatar+Bleeding can do a lot of work. I would take some fire spells just in case, which is why I took Storm of Holy Fire but for the most part I use Frost and Acid spells. You are first and foremost a spellcaster. Most engagements begin for me with Litany for the Spirit to quickly increase power level and intellect and then either Consecrated Ground or Devotions for the Faithful. Then you just Ice/Acid burn the enemy to oblivion (pun intended). You can heal well if necessary and staying true to Rymrgand's disposition (Honest+Rational Yes/Benevolent+Diplomatic No) will allow Holy Radiance to work optimally.


Other than that there is no magic to this build but thematically it is fairly unique and is super fun to play. I might work on some multiclass setups as well if there is any interest. Thanks for stopping by.

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Very neat. I’ll try that later today :D.


Oddly enough the unity mod class change finds the unused priest of woedica and Rymrgand as well as the steel garrote Paladin order. Actually changing a character to any of them causes problems and they have no skills.

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You can:

- click on Edit

- switch to BB code (top-left button)

- find all the [.color=#ffffff], remove them and the corresponding [./color] (disregard the dots)


At the moment the post looks like this: image (white text is only visible if selected).

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I had to respec my party for SSS because they were totally unoptmized. I'm using this build for Vatnir now. The only difference is that I'll use him as a (scroll) fire caster too, with Sun and Moon and the Magran's Favor axe.


Seems really good! :)


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Still viable for Vatnir but it is better to use Xoti or some other hireling for Fire focus. If you are not concerned with RP. Because Vatnir can’t access Scion of Flame.


I noticed that, but I'm leaving Xoti for my next pt. So Vatnir will do for now.


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