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  1. Basically I have never played the Monk Class despire hundreds of hours in the game and I have heard good things about the Forbidden Fist+Trickser; I want to use the Magistrate's Cudgel in the main hand and Tuotilo's Palm in the off; does the main hand have to be unarmed or can it a weapon?
  2. I do plan on finishing the mod but I have a lot of stuff going on irl so it might take quite some time. The game is not running away so you will have to be patient.
  3. Guardian's Plate Wintertide Bulwark Frostfall Helm Of The White Void So I was thinking about doing some sort of thematic run using this equipment but I suck at builds based around equipment so I am appealing to the experts to make suggestions; any ideas?
  4. M understanding is that the game underperformed, sales-wise and therefore there would be little incentive to produce a third, yet despite this there are some true fans such as myself and others and there are many places in Eora left to explore, Living Lands, Valian Republics, Rauatai to name a few. Has anyone heard anything or could guestimate the chances of it appearing?
  5. I added a True Stalker mod today: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/345/?tab=description I have been very busy with IRL so little time to work on the priest mod but I hope to get back to it eventually.
  6. really? I need to check that. I just checked and I cannot replicate what you are reporting. Is this a new game and what other mods are installed? because I am not getting what you are reporting.
  7. So, Gaun is finally up, as well as modified NPC progression tables for both Xoti and Vatnir to mirror the changes for the PC: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/287?tab=files
  8. It seems people really like turn based in POE. That's fine but I could imagine a future title with turned based only POE and that WOULD SUCK. I just hope they fix the affliction bugs and do not alienate the original player base.
  9. Well, if that is the case, it still does not invalidate the argument that the balancing issues between the two are probably too massive to tackle.
  10. Let me say at the outset that I have nothing against turn-based games; I thoroughly enjoy DOS and DOS 2, however, this is not what this post is about. POE was conceived and developed on the very basic concept of pause and play, which is, by its very nature, fundamentally different from turn-based. Look at duration; in turn-based, such as DOS 2, negative and positive effects are based on, logically, turns. It makes sense. In pause and play, duration is based on basic time units. This is just to cite one example among many that would naturally lead to a clash of visions and more importantly, implementation. The prominent Affliction Bug, which remains to this day, as we wait on the patch to fix it, seems to be highly correlated with the emergence of turn-based mode. Whatever ambitions Obsidian might have had, and one can well laud them for it, turn-based was an unnecessary diversion of resources that could have been funneled into the base game by improving pause and play game-play , stability and all other aspects of the core game. To the best of my knowledge, very few people of the most devoted player-base actually cared excessively for turn-based in POE, which won us all over via pause and play, not turn-based. I sincerely hope in the future, IF there is a POE future that turn-based is avoided as an unnecessary distraction from the core game.
  11. There was a thread reporting a bug with Afflictions that could not be suppressed. I know that Obsidian did eventually reply and stated they found the cause but has an ETA on a patch including a fix for it been included?
  12. Small update: Gaun has been done for a while but there are recurring problems with the NPC progression table that make it not register with Xoti, meaning the PC can play a priest of Gaun fine but not the major NPC. Eventually I hope to fix this. For the time being I will likely be moving on to Skaen and possibly release the two around the same time.
  13. Well, I tested it in the ship, hobbled myself with druid spells and tried to suppress it with the priest spell and nothing happened.
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