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So, I was thinking about Gwent when I thinked: And if Pillars had a minigame in all taverns of Deadfire? I don't know if already have because I'm still playing PoE1 (because this I didn't create a pool about), and when I think about Pirates in pubs or taverns I always imagine ugly guys drinking and playing dice and card games...


"Gold and Daggers" was a game name of a no-native english speaker (I) think could sound cool  :biggrin:


P.S. I read somewhere White March have two minigames but was scripted scenes...


Edit: What's your opinion?

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I like the idea of Pillars cardgame, but the market is flooded at the moment, so it would have to be REALLY good to bring actual profit. 


I'm of course assuming that it would eventually be turned into a stand-alone game, because everyone does that ;)

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Not a standalone game, a mini game like Pazaak, Gwent (kotor and witcher 3) or the gambling in Fallout 2

If its implemented right I'm all for it. In Fallout it was like a money cheat with the right amount of points in gambling. 

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No more card games. The actual card games played in taverns would be something like poker or black jack, not the card games we been getting that are more like Magic The Gathering tournaments. I am bored of Gwent and the like now, no more dear god no more. If we have to have something then something like Incendax suggested and throw knives at people's heads. Otherwise, I am going to burn the place down.

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