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Like a cure for cancer or... or... being douchy!

Hah! Like releasing free content wasn’t plenty douchy already!

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"Time is not your enemy. Forever is."

— Fall-From-Grace, Planescape: Torment

"It's the questions we can't answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question, and he'll look for his own answers."

— Kvothe, The Wise Man's Fears

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New Boatswain is really nice, even if he's the wrong color for an islander. 

New Cook has a unique portrait, is unfortunately of an ethnicity I have plenty of. 


Haven't found the rest. Cook guy at Nekketaka might be new, might not be. 



Anyone want to give me a pointer as to where to find the Orlan? 

don't have enough aumaua portrait for players

most ship crew use those portrait

which is weird for deadfire

aumaua npcs get a lot special portrait

how did devs forget to give player some of them

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I smoulder with all the flame and fury of a standard fantasy setting's Mordor stand-in at the fact that all this content could have been released on release date along with the game as it was in patch 1.1.1, and all other DLCs too! Or better yet, a month after the kickstarter ended, that should have given the greedy, lazy hacks the time to make their lousy game! With all DLCs to boot, which they've obviously cut from the base game to make more money from!


Now, in all seriousness, much as more content is appreciated I cannot say I'm extremely excited for the content we got in this DLC. The crewmembers, even Ponamu Bird-Scorned, are merely generic crewmembers as far as I can tell (with the possible exception that one of them is a four-star navigator), whilst the new ship gear could have done a little more to offer further variety in our ship builds, considering how the base game has only one option for steer, lantern and anchor and if I'm recalling correctly right now the DLC steer, lantern and anchor all offer essentially they same stats as the former. I would also like to see a greater variety of ship upgrades that are a little more realistic/historical-looking, and less overtly high-fantasy as what we got here. And of course I have to thoroughly condemn Obsidian's practice of sacrificing live animals to a coven of witches in their basement, in response to these nefarious acts I will boycott their eventual release of New Vegas 2!

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Who asked for this? Who cares a lick about more worthless crew members?


These crew members even don't join the ship close fighting while I hire all my companions and sidekicks.

And I usually won't waste the money to buy a Big Ship capable of free crew members before I'm going to finish the game.


New contents are appreciated (whatever if it's free), but this one really do nothing to improve the player experience.



Question: can you confirm whether or not gift horses have tonsils?  I wouldn't know, because I've never looked one in the mouth.

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The only problem with those DLCs I have is the fact that it's a pain to install them from GOG, since there is no client for Linux. If they ever stop providing patches (as opposed to full redownloads; which can happen when big DLCs come along but the base game also keeps updating) it's going to be real pain to reinstall everything.

Pillars of Bugothas

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