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  1. During the character creation of the chanter if you hit the 'back' button while at invocations selection it skips the chanter phrases selection
  2. When you get to the point to pick your hair for human. Hair selection 1/20 is the same as 20/20 which is bald
  3. During leveling up when you are given an option to pick a Talents; Using the scroll wheel on my mouse does not work with this menu.
  4. [Description of the issue] When I choose "Stash" from the resting interface, and then click fhe close button, my characters appear to have rested in the "Dragon's Lair" room. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Talk to the innkeep about resting. 2) Instead of choosing a room, just click the Stash icon 3) Click the button to close the stash 4) You have now rested at the inn. It is unclear i which room. 5) hover over your character's icons, it will say they have rested at the "Dragon's Lair" room. [Expected behaviour] Closing the stash should return you to the jnterface for choosing a room to rest in.
  5. [Description] This happened with the wolves in particular. After killing the wolfpack in the Dyrford ruins it took me about a minute of pixel hunting to get the "hover" mouse pointer to pick up their loot. [Test case] 1) Kill the wolfpack in Dyrford Ruins 2) See if you have any difficulty picking up the loot they leave [Expected behaviour] You shouldn't have any difficulty mousing over the loot containers.
  6. [Description of the issue] The log has two tabs, combat and dialogue. The combat dialogue has its line-height set to a normal value (at least in css, it's called just "normal", hehe), whereas the dialogue tab has a line-height of twice the line's actual height, meaning if you compress the log vertically you can see just one line (or a line and a half, which isn't any better). It's also possible that those empty lines are not caused by line-height but by line breaks at the end of every line, I can't know. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Talk to people around Dyrford Village 2) Check out your Dialogue Log 3) The line height makes it so that for every line of text you have, you have one empty line. [Expected behaviour] Lines should follow one after another without any empty lines, to utilize space. [Other remarks / Comments] I have a few very passionate requests about the message log: 1. It's nice that the dialogue log now shows the texts shown on loading screens, like in BG, but there is some indentation to the lines. I'm sure you've noticed it too and will remove it. 2. The log could benefit from smaller scrollbar UI elements. When at its minimum height, the arrows take up too much of height and the gem hardly changes its position, which position should tell the player how far up/down he is looking in the log. 3. I'm repeating my plea to remove the shading on the top and the bottom of the message log. The message log is meant to be easy to read and that should be the first priority, not showing cool shading effects on its edges. 4. The log should be scrolled down to the bottom by default/when an area is loaded.
  7. Seems like ambient volume and movie volume are missing from the sound opeans menu and many sounds in the game like crickets and birds overlap the voiced in the game sometimes.
  8. [Description of the issue] Whn you are in Dyrwood ruins and kill some beetles, or pick up herbs, the ingredients always go to your stash, regardless of what you choose in the interface for picking up the loot. This will not happen in Dyrwood village though, where Medreth's gang's loot always went to the characters' inventory when picked up. I suppose the issue has to do with Dyrwood ruins being an area where the Stash can only be accessed when resting. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Go to Dyrwood Ruins 2) Kill a beetle / pick up herbs from the ground 3) Whatever you choose in the interface for picking up, the loot goes to the Stash. [Expected behaviour] Loot should go to the inventory of whichever character was selected in the pick up interface.
  9. Is their somthing im missing? i cant drop itmes on the ground at all and i have no more space i dont want to put all the junk in the stash becase its geting very cluterd and its slowing the game down im hoping this well be fixed in a future update. me and many others are not likeing this.
  10. After you've killed something in combat, the music keeps playing, and the encounter abilities do not regenerate 1) Get into combat (e.g. lions west of Dyrford) 2) Use encounter ability, kill lion 3) Notice the music keeps playing 4) Notice your encounter abilities do not regenerate Expect: Proper end of combat. Encounter abilities regenerate.
  11. Step 1: Create two new characters, and create savegames for both of them. Step 2: Exit PoE, then re-run PoE afresh. Step 3: Load savegame for character #1. Step 4: Without quitting the savegame for character #1, bring up the Save/Load/Quit menu, select Load Game, and load savegame for character #2. Step 5: From within the savegame for character #2, bring up the Save/Load/Quit menu, and select Quit Game. Result: You'll return to the main menu, but a Save/Load/Quit menu will be overlaid on it as if you were still within one of the savegames. Closing the Save/Load/Quit menu (i.e., by hitting ESC or clicking X) will expose the main menu, but the main menu buttons will randomly glitch and not function. I've reproduced the error multiple times, and had different buttons glitch -- sometimes New Game, sometimes Exit, etc.
  12. When i try to load my game, the game crashes. Also, when I was in the game, bb mage's health wouldn't return to normal. Each time I healed him with a spell or potion nothing would happen - in and out of combat. Attached are the report files. output_log.txt
  13. Creating a new Ranger, on the screen where you choose your animal companion. I click on Bear, and notice that the description of the Bear companion is scrollable. So I move the mouse over to the description, hoping to scroll down and read the rest of it. As soon as the mouse is no longer hovering over Bear, the description reverts to the generic Animal Companions text. This is true of any companion and I assume this problem may apply to other talent/ability selections as well. PS _ the "Character Creation / Adventurer's Hall" tag is currently not selectabble as a topic tag. I get "Tag incorrect, they must be between 2 and 30 charactres."
  14. If there is only 1 line of text and 2 added bonus stats; one of the stats will display in front of the big main letter. While the bulk I.E. 2 or more lines of text or only 1 bonus stat will display below the large letter. Can we get consistency here where all bonus will always display below the big letter?
  15. During the creator creation I am given the choice to choose between the male or female. When I click on them ever other time I get this scratching/grinding noise instead of a 'speaking' sound bit
  16. [Description of the issue] If you enter stealth, then open the inventory, after you exit stealth your character is still in stealth stance, but his 3d model is no longer semi transparent. I can't say if he is effectively in stealth from game rules perspective. I also forgot to check if this happens only with the character whose inventory was opened, or with every character in the party. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Enter stealth 2) Open any character's inventory screen 3) Close the inventory screen 4) Take a look at the character whose inventory you just saw. [Expected behaviour] The character's model should remain semi-transparent after closing the inventory screen.
  17. [Description of the issue] When giving a Rouge a gun (the Arquebus in this case) and making him fire it he will start his reload animation but sometimes will finish the animation but the reload icon will never leave his "current action" icon nex to his health bar (the one over his character). This causes him/her to never fire a single other shot in any future combat, making them useless. I did not try reloading but unequipping and re-equiping the weapon does not fix it. NOTE: I was using a freshly recruited Rouge with the Gunner skill to do this but Ive had it happen with BB Rouge as well before this version. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Give Rouge gun. 2) Fire it until bug presents itself. 3) Recieve Rouge that will never have the reloading icon leave him.
  18. [Description of the issue] When in scouting mode, discovering a hidden object makes several "Trap Detected!" messages to pop up and several "Hidden object found (character)" messages to appear in the combat log. This can happen more than once even if you hace already discovered the object. These messages would not go away unless you reloaded th area. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Enter scout mode 2) Approach hidden object. 3) Recieve message spam. This happened in Dyford Crossing with both the hidden stash near the wolves and the hidden stash skelleton at the cave entrance. Suprisingly, I also triggered a single message when being attacked by a Widowmaker spider though this one was "Trap Triggered!" instead of "Trap Detected!". [screenshots] The message popup while fighting the spider:
  19. [Description] Character creation won't end. The done button is grayed out, preventing me from finishing and starting the game. [To reproduce] Create a character with the following specifications: Note that the "done" button is grayed out and uninteractive.
  20. [Description] The description for "Armored Grace" in character creation reads "The fighter focuses on instinctive damage avoidance developed through his or her superior combat familiarity, granting a bonus to Damage Threshold". The listed effect is "-16% Armor Speed penalty". Those don't line up. [To reproduce] Start a game Create a fighter Mouse over Armored Grace in Talent selection screen Note that it doesn't make sense
  21. When I am in the inventory UI and I am hovering over the different stats (health, end, accy, etc) only the will defense will highlight (the text becomes slightly brighter). None of the other defenses or stats highlight if I hover above them.
  22. When going into the Options Menu from the Main Screen and going under the language options, the selected option is not shown. There is only a black bar. If I click on the black bar, the options will show, but my selected option is not visible.
  23. When I am in the inventory screen, I am trying to see the different changes as they occur with changing up the weapon sets. If I click on the weapon set II and then after a few seconds, I press on Weapon Set I, it will crash. crash dump uploaded 2014-10-27_201744.zip
  24. When shopping at Winfriths the item list shows no item names, only icons. [steps to reproduce] 1) Start a new game 2) Enter Winfriths shop, talk to him. 3) "Show me what you have for sale" [Expected behaviour] Winfriths shop displays item names like any other shop.
  25. [Description of the issue] When you've selected Auto-Pause on "Character Death" the game will pause during the fight with Medreth when the "Boar Companion" is killed. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] New Game Talk to Medreth to get the Cat and Mouse quest. Go tell Nyfre the truth to let her go. Tell Medreth you let her go to start the fight. Kill one of the Boar Companions, and the game will say in the combat log: “Auto-Paused: Character Death (Boar Companion)” [Expected behaviour] The game should not auto-pause when the enemy's companion dies, I don't care. [Other remarks / Comments] I have not encountered any other enemy companions, so I'm not sure if it is just the boar companions or not. [Files] I've attached the output_log.txt. output_log.txt
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