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  1. I've got the song 'Blurred Lines' stuck in my head. I was hoping for suggestions for good Saturday music with a similar bouncy feel to it.
  2. In past games such as BG most parts of the soundtrack have been slightly anachronistic "modern classical" music, with the exception of for example the tavern music, which I think added a lot of atmosphere to the game. In addition to this the tavern tunes were also really catchy. From what I've heard in the PE pitch video I have really high expectations on the music in the game. So my question are: First, how does PE compare with historical periods with regards to music? Is music mostly sacral or is there a rich tradition of profane music (in the different cultures)? Does music have an important place at all in them? Second, how much will the in-game music be inspired by real historical music? I'm perfectly fine with modern music as well, but it would be interesting to hear instruments such as the cembalo which sadly gets little room in modern RPG music. Other instruments of past time periods to be inspired by include the hurdy-gurdy and the keyed fiddle. I definitely would like something like this as part of a soundtrack. Some examples of European profane music from around the 16th century: But of course there are other parts of the world to take inspiration from as well, and also sacral music which I don't know much about myself. What do you think?
  3. Start of old thread. End of old thread. I have no original content to provide to christen this new thread's maiden voyage. So I'll just steal my favorite from the end of the old thread.
  4. With Project Eternity hopefully becoming Obsidian's very own franchise I have been pondering about theme music. Should PE have it's own distinctive theme music that is used throughout the franchise? Memorable theme tunes can embed themselves into the psyches of fans and can become just as recognizable as any visual icons. The Elder Scrolls has a consistent theme throughout all of it's games, but with each release it is altered to fit with the area that the game takes place in whilst still retaining it's base structure. Some recognizable themes that are probably just as famous as the movies they appear in include the theme to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Indianna Jones and Harry Potter. Those are pretty extreme examples, but it shows how theme music can become iconic. Should Project Eternity have one main theme, or should it change from game to game depending on the mood and themes therein? What makes a memorable theme tune for you?
  5. Will Matt Stone and Trey Parker be involved in the soundtrack? The guys do music very well. They have a Tony after all. Hell by the time your finished reading this Blame Canada will be stuck in your head. Now I don't expect the game to be a musical, but a musical level would fit in very well with South Park.
  6. Every forum has one of these, but I don't think I see one here. I don't know if they're generally seen as spam threads where people can up their post count, or if anyone actually pays attention to what anyone else posts, but here goes. What are you listening to ? Miles Davis - So What Not my usual intake of music for sure (I'm more of a metal guy), but I felt like a bit of jazz. Need to get some more New Orleans stuff actually, like a lot of the things I hear on the Treme soundtrack
  7. I don't know about other people, but for me, music is one of the most important element of videogames, especially of RPGs. And since the infinity engine games had amazing music, I have very high standards for PE. I trust in Justin Bell, and I know he will do his best at this project. I hope I won't be dissapointed. Just don't fall into the trap of "over-epicness". A lot of RPGs today have a generic "OMG-I am so epic" sound, which to me is boring. I hope there will be lots of subtle music in the game, which help to set the tone. Like these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHhD6Kzq5PY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEqDtbC3bL8 For me these musics do so much more, than a generic high pumping epic orchestra. I feel totally immersed. It is a peacefull track, yet it urges for adventure. Please do something similar. Justin, I'm not asking you to copy these music, I'm sure you have your own style. Just keep in mind, that these great soundtracks have a great part in making the IE games so great. I also would like to say a few words about ambiance sounds. I want sounds in the game. This might sound stupid, but there are a lot of RPGs that are lacking in the ambiant department. I want to hear the wind in the forest, I want to hear the flowing of the river. When I step into an inn, I want to hear people laughing, the musicians playing something. Roaming the streets of the city, I want to hear dogs barking, the towncryer shouting, and people talking. And if you accompany the great ambiance with the fitting music, it creates a powerful mix. I hope you will do the right thing.
  8. Justin Bell just stated in the chat with PC Gamer that the Morrowind score is one of his favorites... this made me cry a little from happiness. I fondly remember that game, it's music... and it being one of the last non-hand-holding cRPGs of our time. I remember turning my computer on, starting the game, and leaving it in the main menu just to listen to the theme over and over. What we've heard so far of PE's music is fantastic... I keep going back to listen to the released songs, the pauses, you know which ones I mean, are just epic.
  9. This was already discussed on the forum, but I don't think that I've seen a poll specifically on this subject. So, would you like to see orchestral score as a stretch goal?
  10. I found it cool that the Project was named Project Eternity and happened to be a fantasy-based RPG. Because my sound card drivers in Windows XP don't like the Infinity Engine games, I have to play with the in-game music disabled. Along with the game soundtracks this is one of the things I listen to when playing them. One of my favourite bands, Dargaard made a trilogy of three albums which was sort of called the Eternity trilogy Eternity Rites (1998) In Nomine Aeternitatis (2000) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQz00g9SiY0 The Dissolution of Eternity (2001) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpE6dAHhdx4 Not all the tracks sound the same, but those are probably my favourites from each album. For Dragonlance fans there's also a Dragonlance-themed track on their last album Rise and Fall Does anyone else have any non-soundtrack music that puts them in the Infinity Engine mood ?
  11. I have a good feeling about this... a very good feeling :D http://soundcloud.co...n-entertainment Yep, pretty much it. Just wanted to share this here, in case anyone has missed it like I did. Liked and following. EDIT: Yep what Canteousent says below, here it is (Update #14): http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60901-update-14-the-music-of-project-eternity/
  12. Hi. How much money would you have to collect to add the bard character "played/VO:d" by Jack White ? Also...Are you planning to have a real orchestra record the soundtrack for Project Eternity? Thank you! Andreas Kleiner Proud backer of Project Eternity.
  13. One of the stretch goals of Planetary Annihilation was putting money towards the music of the game. The music style of Project Eternity may not need to be strictly orchestral or classical music (some medieval / neoclassical / neo-folk stuff would be nice for various different areas / environments), but I think this is a great idea for a stretch goal. That's not to say that it need be exactly like that, but money towards the music/soundscapes/voiceovers/recording quality etc This is also not a post about the composer, as it seems likely that Justin Bell will get his shot for Project Eternity (which might be a good thing, as it was the earliest works of other composers for video game soundtracks that are usually their best).
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