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  1. Its hard to write in irony. But all I wanted to say here really is that I find that "These last updates" are not really adding anything to the game mech. simply adding add-ons, when they could develop the gameplay even further adding layers there, instead of building an 100 story dungeon. focus on ever ending side quests (like BG2) or the music (never winter nights) which I think they should...I was actually hoping more people would react on the "Bard - Jack White" but unfort. not. However what I would like to ask is of the music and sounds. since I think its been overlooked. The three sample music tracks featured a week ago or so wasnt really that great, while people wrote it off as the best thing they've heard in years. So @diablo169 - thank you for reacting. however the question around the music and sound is still there. what is the plan?
  2. Hi. How much money would you have to collect to add the bard character "played/VO:d" by Jack White ? Also...Are you planning to have a real orchestra record the soundtrack for Project Eternity? Thank you! Andreas Kleiner Proud backer of Project Eternity.
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