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  1. Hey, a new forum to spoil with another tilted poll. So you'll meet potential companions. Do you want all to be equal in their abilities (within their class). Examples are incorrect, I don't remember the stats or levels or characters or stuff. That was largely the case in BG and such, the girl from next door is basically the same as a master assasin you come upon later. Granted, the girl is level 1 and the assasin is level 5 (but so are you and the girl when you meet him). Now this pretty much worked and didn't bother me much at all. All were D&D adventurers afterall. But I k
  2. What if it were not taken as a given that our protagonist was master of all he surveys, what if he had to work to persuade the party to follow his course, and pursue his personal objectives. Currently doing a playthrough of Origins, and the character of Alistair has gotten me wondering what would happen if the man had possessed a functioning spinal column, if he had taken control of the party and decided its actions and strategy after the battle of Ostagar. Say for instance he had chosen which quests to pursue and we had merely a chance at persuading him otherwise within dialogue and askin
  3. Do you want to romance one or two of your companions? I do because the romanceable characters become more deep and intresting persons. It also helps me made my role-play in game diffrent and intresting every time. Developers please give us opportunity.
  4. I only plan on playing through the game once as one race and class combination, so I want you, Obsidian, to focus all your time and money on making that race/class combination the best gaming experience you possibly can. Please remove all other classes and races, since I don't plan to use them. I don't care which you include. Maybe you should have a poll and only include the most popular race and class. Also, I don't like doing sidequests, so none of those, please, and no extra regions. I find a world-map that's too large to be confusing. Please make the main quest the best you absolut
  5. Well, I saw the kickstarter update, and I figured, lets start a discussion on character and companion archetypes! So which archetypes interest you the most? We've probably seen a few of these in past games, and maybe we'd like to see some of them return in some spirit or another! If you have one in mind and it's not in the list, post it here and add it to the discussion!
  6. Given that souls play a major role in this game, your dead companions could come back in some kind of soul-bound way to an object, animal, spirit, undead, or even mind. I want my goblin-like herb-mixer remain in a talking voodo skull for example. Or your healer comes back as a ghost, the thief accompanies you as your shadow, the figther's soul in a weapon, the druid in an owl, the monk as a ghoul and so forth. In what form would you like to see a companion return to the world of the living?
  7. Like many people, I'm a bit concerned about the small pool of potential companions, and the implications that this has for player choice & party size. After some thinking, though, I realized that there may be a still be a way to achive a high level of player choise and a large party size (6) with the small pool of potential companions: Provide all (or most) of the companions with corrupted / redemption / similar plot-lines, and allow these quests to be triggered and completed early in the game (first third of the game). Such quest lines are common in other games, of course, but inevi
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