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  1. I wonder if I had an issue with the checkpoint saving, because I had all of the friends on the list except the Chinpokomon company. I've read of others having similar issues, except with disappearing items. I believe the cause of this was insufficient disk space. Another theory is that you didn't reach a new checkpoint before exiting the game. Thus when you reopened the game, it loaded the most recent checkpoint, which might account for the missing friends. I always try to use the quick-travel system before leaving the game. This usually triggers a quicksave. Lookout for the Wellington Bear tape recorder icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This is the save icon. Save icon:
  2. Hi! I like your ideas except for one of them. I think replaying missions and seeing cutscenes is good. But, I dont think sharing between save files is really necessary because the game is so short.
  3. Make sure you finish the Kindergartener's Hide and Seek quest. You should also try to find the Woodland Critters in the Lost Forest. Someone made a guide on Steam that shows where all the friends are. Here is the link (MAJOR spoilers):
  4. I've always played on Normal, and I found it to be only challenging sometimes. The only two fights I had a hard time with was Everything else had some challenge, but that was mitigated by better armor and using weapons. I think what I might try to do is play the game wearing only PJs, or (try) to play without items.
  5. I think the game was a good length. I got my money's worth out of the first playthrough, and went on to play it 3 more times. Now that everything is, more or less, back to normal in South Park, any DLC added can easily start a new story.
  6. You should be able to turn in the quest in your bedroom. Fortunately, the pairs of underpants are quest items, and are therefore unsellable. I've found all the underpants before getting the quest and had no problem turning it it.
  7. I think video games are a form of art, and The Stick of Truth should be no exception. That said, other countries have their laws. So, I suppose Germany and Austria will get the game when new copies are distributed, which shouldn't be taking that long for a digital release.
  8. I'm kind of on the fence on this one. On one hand, yeah, it would be nice to go back and reexplore some of the areas missed. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense why you cant. Breaking it down for a second, it is an RPG that heavily encourages exploration. Next, it's in the South Park universe. If the show is anything to go by, there's generally a huge mess, and then it gets put back to normal. I believe the same idea applies here in the game. While inconvenient, it makes sense.
  9. On my second playthrough I ran with the Valkyrie armor set and the Katana. I like how it's implied that female armor is still really strong, even though it's revealing. On my first playthrough, however, I didn't pick up the Valkyrie set and ran with the Knight set. On my third playthrough, I finished the last fight in pajamas.
  10. There's so much potential with 17 seasons worth of canon to capitalize on. That said, there's a lot they can do and I'd imagine the DLC being very fun-filled.
  11. I definitely pick up "Second Wind" as soon as I can during my playthroughs. It makes it so you revive at full health when using a revive potion. I also like "Apprentice" and "Growing Boy", which adds +20% PP and +20% HP, respectively. "Let it Slide", "Mauler", and "Sucker Punch" are also good ones to consider.
  12. I think the Crab People may have been cut from the game. Usually when I encounter them, I friended them. I don't recall if hitting them forced them into a fight, but I'm fairly certain it did not. Looking back at the original Game Informer magazine, from 2012, it appears there was a "rough concept" for a Gnome/Crab D.M.Z. area. Other such concepts also didn't make it into the game.
  13. The pile of debris, with the plank and the skulls, is where you're supposed to place an item. When you do that, the boss appears and will do battle with you.
  14. It's on the top of Steam's "Top Sellers" list too, ahead of DayZ and Dark Souls II.
  15. With how successful this game is thus far, I'm fairly certain Ubisoft/Obsidian/SouthParkStudios will want to capitalize on that success as much as possible. That being said, this game is set up in such a way that DLC can be easily introduced. I'm hoping for one that will allow the player to do stuff after the game is beaten.
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