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  1. You can now buy the Ultimate Fellowship pack and a new pack called Super Samurai Spaceman pack. Ultimate Fellowship Pack http://store.steampowered.com/app/257370/ Super Samurai Spaceman Pack: http://store.steampowered.com/app/257371/
  2. I was poking around Reddit earlier, and I saw someone post what the Germany release of the game looks like censored. Heh, well, that's one way to do it! EDIT: Added a video I found.
  3. Maybe one of the DLCs will come with the soundtrack.
  4. WASD - Move Space - Interact with something. E - Change currently selected magic fart. Q - Change currently selected "ability" (shoot, buddy command, etc..). G - Use magic fart. F - Use aforementioned ability. Esc - Open the menu. V - Brings up the HUD. (Might do something else.) O - Open Facebook. I - Open inventory. J - Open the quests screen. N - Open the abilities/perks/magic screen. M - Open the map. P - Open the buddy selection screen. Left Click - Melee attack. Right Click - Basic fart. I'd recommend playing the game. The beginning part of it tells you how to
  5. You should try to beat the game without armor. I did, and it was great! It added some good challenge to the game.
  6. I want to assume that all versions released in Germany and Austria will be censored, unfortunately. Luckily, there is a usermade patch to uncensor the game out there. It's floating around the Steam discussion threads.
  7. Ah, that site has a very 90s feel to it. I tried to find the game elsewhere for you and although there are traces of it on other places on the internet, I was unable to find a place that still had it hosted. That said, I never played this game. I wish I had though. Looks like it could have been fun back in the day.
  8. I went ahead and played through it again and go to that point in the story. The line that was said was . So, it would seem they're using some other Facebook page for their plan and not yours. Also, yours doesn't change; it still says "Single".
  9. The game seems to be incredibly successful so far. I think with the success of the game and the DLC, we're bound to see a sequel.
  10. With how successful this game is, I'm fairly certainly they'll capitalize on that success with DLC. There's even an option on the main menu.
  11. I think you're pointing the finger at the wrong entity, OP. Obsidian are the developers of the game and just follow directions from Ubisoft. The other commenter summed it up well, so I won't reiterate any more than I have to. There is also a user-made patch that uncensors the game on the PC. I've seen it floating around.
  12. Very informative article; I enjoyed reading it. I'm very curious now as to how much the game changed after Ubisoft took over. I guess we'll never know, but what I do hope is that cut content some how makes it way back in the form of DLC. Perhaps not "here's what we cut out"-DLC, but more of "here's this DLC with some of the cut out stuff added on top".
  13. I think they put it there just for show. But, perhaps in a future DLC they may expand on it.
  14. I've always played on Normal, and I found it to be only challenging sometimes. The only two fights I had a hard time with was Everything else had some challenge, but that was mitigated by better armor and using weapons. I think what I might try to do is play the game wearing only PJs, or (try) to play without items.
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