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  1. I can't see any reason why not. How would I do that with your forum setup, or would I need to email it to you somehow?
  2. I've noticed something odd since the recent patch. There is graphical corruption that wasn't there before, and a flickering. I'm not sure why, because My Nvidia Geoforce 650 2 GIG appears to be a card that is compatible with the game, according to the minimum specs on the Steam store page for the game. I've tried shutting off the antistropic, which sometimes causes problems, to no avail. I'm using the GOG version of the game. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
  3. Can anyone offer any tips for completing the Goth dance sequence? I've attempted it roughly 15 times so far and have made no progress, and in fact I'm not even sure I'm doing this correctly. It's making me highly angry and frustrated. I just quit playing until I could get some advice as I was getting nowhere fast.
  4. Are the any plans to fix the minigames in the next patch? Having to go sometimes up to 30-40 attempts to get through just one of them is pretty obnoxious. A better system would be to allow people who aren't twitch types to either (a) disable them entirely by setting difficulty to easy or (b) bypass them after several failed attempts.
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