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  1. Funniest: Atton Stupidest(not a word): Malak Coolest: Jar Jar
  2. I forced all of my slaves to become Dark Jedi.
  3. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=35094
  4. Marka Ragnos surpassed Naga Sadow who is more powerful than Luke as of JA.
  5. Even the game admits Revan was a man so why argue about what the game says?
  6. Was Revan the ultimate Sith Lord? Hell no! Lots of people were better. Exar Kun Naga Sadow Darth Nihilus Freedon Nadd Adas Xendor Darth Bane Kyp Durron Pre- Suit Darth Vader Kaan all more powerful than Revan.
  7. Both were great. You people really need to learn how to use the search function. This thread has been made millions upon millions of times.
  8. Erm... minus Atton, when your party member went down, he went down until fight ended <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A little power i like to call Master Revitalize. Thought a lightsider like you would know about that power.
  9. Well, for starters, my Exile wasn't the only person doing the killing and I could revive my NPCs. There was also the no level cap thingy and all the robes and armor, artifacts, etc..Usually in KOTOR, all of the NPCs would die and I couldn't revive until I killed all my enemies.
  10. Well sometimes I start off LS(just to get Mira) but I always end up DS. Plus Force Crush is much more useful than Force Enlightenment
  11. Czerka vs Ithorians Ithorians Khoonda vs Mercenaries Mercenaries Vaklu vs Talia Vaklu
  12. I wonder when people will start reading the rules. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=35094
  13. I want to see powers used on a greater scale.
  14. Go-To: You will find that I can be useful..... If being useful means occupying space on the Ebon Hawk, that's true
  15. I'm tempted to believe Bastila's an ancestor of the Skywalker family.
  16. Unlike Mira, he was not thrown out of the Ebon Hawk and he could get out without making the Ebon Hawk fall. That's why he sent remote out.
  17. My Exile stayed on Malachor V and it didn't collapse. Don't know where you guys found that part.
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