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  1. Use Imporved Fury and Juyo and any darkside powers you have. Or maybe you just need to upgrade your saber. For crystals I recommend Upari and Sigil or Opila or Qixoni. For the lens use, Adegan or Pontite.
  2. I meant to put no after are. I don't proofread before I post.
  3. General Grievous isn't a Sith so he is easily the weakest
  4. Isn't that little bit paradoxic? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No because mistakes are things are not meant to happen and everything that happens is meant to happen.
  5. There are such things as mistakes; there is only fate.
  6. Dude created three black holes. That doesn't see, very weak to me.
  7. Has been made countless times. Use the search button please. Does anybody here ever read the rules?
  8. Two singles, because you can have most crystals and do more damage.
  9. Force Crush of those, but canon-wise, thought-bomb is the most powerful force power.
  10. If Revan is DS,he has new companions,maybe an army and is trying to defeat the True Sith's Current Dark Lord. If Revan is DS, he is already the Dark Lord.
  11. Atris on her best day wouldn't stand a chance against Bandon on his worst day.
  12. Peragus takes the cake with no competition or anything even resembling signs of competition.
  13. Brianna is even sexier, especially when she's naked.
  14. Darth Sidious is canonically the most powerful Sith Lord in Star Wars Saga and his midichlorian count is 20,500. That's the dumbest **** I've ever read. You need to stop believing Supershdow.
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