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  1. He was a guy in the game when people called him "he" as was Exile male when Sion said "one last has yet to choose his fate".
  2. Oh well, it's been 3 years since I've played it.
  3. I wanted to sell Zaalbar but at least I got the chance to kill him.
  4. Um yes...Mission says bastila is only five years older than her and she says she's fourteen.
  5. There was no Sith to hold it together probably. I say this because I haven't played LS
  6. Not true(On both counts.). In the Dark Fleet Trilogy, Luke learns an ancient Fallanasi technique, which he can use to cut himself off from the Force instantly, and also restablish connection to it instantly aswell. And the best thing Naga Sadow did, without the help of Dark Side Embued trinkets, was throw a small brick at Ludo Kressh's head. Seriously, people overpower the 'True Sith' wayyyyyy too much. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 1. I meant Luke, too. 2. Note that create everything that gave Exar Kun and himself power.
  7. Nihilus, he can drain the force from anyone except the exile Then, Revan after what I've heard about the Darth Bane book Naga Sadow was pretty damn powerful too.
  8. Bastila is five years older than Mission and 19 by KOTOR. Mission is 14 and obviously not older than Juhani{ 2 year olds don't have good memory. You lose your memory before 3 when you turn three.} Mira is still a teenager by KOTOR2. In a word that timeline is screwed.
  9. You could also use Bao-Dur if he's in your party.
  10. GO-To and T3 are both useless. Use the jedi NPCs
  11. no... no he didn't... Naga is the most powerful sith. Then comes Exar Kun. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Canon wise Sidious is but I argee wit you
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