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  1. Third. I'd love to have insects, but all passive and if I attack them they agro. My kids like playing in creative and keep asking me where the ants (etc) are located.
  2. Did resetting the mobs work? Menu -> Game Preview Debug -> Fix Creature Locations?
  3. I had this problem as a client, the host was able to do it without issue.
  4. If you flipped the switch, you still have to swim around and toggle the 3 BIG switches down in the water area.
  5. We made sure to back up our saved games prior to changing to public_test (steam), it appeared the game when "re-installed" pulled down saves from the "cloud" and it was our older ones. Because we were able to revert our folder, we had our existing progress. PC ::: C:\Users\{YourUserName}\Saved Games\Grounded
  6. The level 3 mint mallet can no longer bust the sap clump or quartzite, it shows a level 1 hammer and says "Requires a busting tool" Is this intended?
  7. Woah there, what about the sap collectors, which only collect a SINGLE SAP in the giant acorn top? /s
  8. Didn't they add a "decay" or "age" to this stuff? e.g. If ~3-4 days go by, it'll auto-delete?
  9. I know this is a bit late, but Windows? In their game, have them look at the "Load Game" screen and find the file "Playthrough - XXXX" where XXXX is something like "8F94". Exit the game. Using "File Explorer", navigate to: C:\Users\{Username}\Saved Games\Grounded\ Have them zip up and send you a folder with a name like: (ID-8C1CAF7943A20A15BCE1689BC43A8F94)(LOGOUT-SAVE) Unzip that into your own "Saved Games\Grounded" and load the game.
  10. I'm not sure if this fixes it, but do the Game Preview Debug -> Fix Creature Locations. Go check the initial spawn point (the box with the people cutouts). I've seen backpacks return there.
  11. This is pretty hard-nosed aspect. You can /op your way to creative in Minecraft and then drop back down to survival. What's the big deal? It's not a competitive game... who cares if ONE user wants to easy-mode their own game? Just as you'll be able to set "mild" do the same thing then switch to "whoa!" and say you were there the whole time? Meh. Before you answer, it's relatively easy to find the modding community and do this anyway, but the native game should allow it because who really cares? It's not competitive, it makes no difference for you and your game. It's their own game let them play the way they want. A better option would be allow it, but flag the "save game" with "has been in creative" or similar... so if someone loads it can be shown.
  12. I don't know where XBox Game Pass does it game installs or saves, but if you find them... throw them into the standard save area (where steam version looks) --> C:\Users\{YourUserName}\Saved Games\Grounded
  13. At least you're getting spawns. Our 2nd multiplayer game (first one is desync'd), we get building and have re-unlocked "science" and now ... no mobs were spawning. None.
  14. I have this with multiple games and the workaround is to set your "default" monitor in Win10 to your gaming monitor.
  15. House side outside paint can. Originally it was "in paint" but last I checked, it was just laying on dirt.
  16. Now our game is again desync'd between host and client (default grass growing through clay bases, chopping grass drops grass and leaves a ghost image.) ... the host has 0 issues, but every client does makes it completely unplayable for a group I have sent save games to support without resolution or confirmation of the error.
  17. I have also experienced this and reported it to directly via support but got a reply about the 0.2.0 patch might fix it (it did not). Tonight, after our 3rd player left, I had the host save the game and I began to dismantle what I assumed is the problem. Our third player has built massively long sky bridges from the starter base, to the ray gun, from there out to the tree and rake. The tree build they built all the way around the tree. Systematically dismantling all of this and relogging in as the 2nd player (client) has fixed my desync with the host. Assumption: Client loads a "default world" then does a delta on the game state. The massive entity list (or chained entities for the bridge) is taking up allocated memory (or map) for "world differences" from client load to host. When this is exhausted, the build shows and the delta of the default game state does not occur thus showing us non-host clients things which should have been removed and when interacted with, the server ignores but at least doesn't crash....
  18. I was able to swim near them and "push" them towards the shore where I could then get them. Swimming near the surface in the game is still a joke.
  19. What's the point on the hard-nosed respawn rule? Now the game, being early access, is "buggy" and players "lose" their mint or mallets in world never to be able to regain them? No, that's not the answer. The only thing mint can currently be used for is the mallet. Any RPG would allow you to farm materials, even if hard, at a set periodic rate with given risk/difficulty. A better answer, seeing how various food items are "thrown over the fence", would be a long-running timer which causes them to spawn and make the acquisition of the mint more of a challenge... not just a "get the level 2 hammer and you basically are given a level 3 weapon"
  20. Please see support number #19017 about a desync problem, reproducible with saved-games and video (if needed) between host and non-host players.  I attached a zip of the saved game.


  21. This is not just for Xbox, we play on PC (Steam) and due to some ambitious goals of one of our players, we have sky-bridges across the map to various places but removing them causes crash-to-desktop ... every ... time. We also probably have 1000s of non-dissolving, non-destructible planks littering the yard, most in gigantic piles which cause massive lag if you run through them.
  22. The hit-box for the mint and container is ... bugged and challenging. The sound will change when you actually hit the mint. Try jumping and squat-walking into the container as far as you can then rotate and smack the mint. I did the same thing until I realized I was hitting the mint-container and not the mint for 5 minutes.
  23. When we couldn't find the ladybugs after killing 2 for the Burg.l mission, we scoured the map. I found one, under the deck in the weed poison area of the house... running into the wall getting minor damage from the poison.
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