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  1. I have been playing this game since release and have been setting myself and my friends a number of small and large projects, my biggest being a spiral staircases that goes around and to the top of the Acorn Tree. Whilst doing this I have noticed that the collision box that surrounds the tree does not match the size and shape of its model, and at a certain point you can get above and stand on the box and, effectively, inside the actual tree where there is no collision. The actual collision box (which only reaches about half way up the tree) is actually much wider than the trunk of the Ac
  2. Just replying to add to this thread. I too am having this issue, I am on PC but own Grounded through the Xbox Game Pass and have downloaded and installed it through the Microsoft Store. The issue seems to be present since update 0.4.2, and causes my character progress and location to revert back to an older save, whilst the world progress is correct and as I left it (recent builds, item storage, etc are all ok and as they were left). This is also affecting things like mutations, so any recently unlocked/upgraded mutations revert back to the same point as well. As far as I can t
  3. All of my character progress seems to go back to an older save, however my world progress seems to be as I left it. This is the same for every save when loaded, both solo and multiplayer, and also affects clients when they join my game in the same way. This glitch seems to be in place since the most recent patch update, 0.4.2 Platform - PC/Xbox
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