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Collision Box surrounding the Acorn Tree

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I have been playing this game since release and have been setting myself and my friends a number of small and large projects, my biggest being a spiral staircases that goes around and to the top of the Acorn Tree. 

Whilst doing this I have noticed that the collision box that surrounds the tree does not match the size and shape of its model, and at a certain point you can get above and stand on the box and, effectively, inside the actual tree where there is no collision. The actual collision box (which only reaches about half way up the tree) is actually much wider than the trunk of the Acorn Tree.

I intend to really expand on this project, making small 'pods' that be could be used at little camping nests going up the staircase, decorating them, building a large house at the top for something even nicer to look at when you reach the top, as well as a lookout to cover the whole garden, however it would be much better to look at if this collision box was aligned with the model of the tree a bit better, and I'd be able to add a lot more to it as well.

Just a little suggestion to help make at least my game a little more fun to play.


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