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Oak Tree Colliders

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I have seen that there are a few posts about this already, but noticed they are all lacking support.

The colliders for the oak tree get more and more inaccurate the higher you go, making it impossible to build an appealing treehouse high enough to be of any use.
If the devs didn't want us going that high and making zipline terminuses that can reach everywhere; they would have just put an invisible ceiling in, as one can simply build an ugly tower right to the top. So that cant be the issue..
The devs also must have known players would would have an urge to get as high up that tree as possible, and so I am really stumped as to why this is even a thing let alone has not been addressed yet.

Other than this and a few spawning issues this game is incredibly beautiful and interesting, and nicely polished.
If these guys know what they are doing (and it really seems like they do for the most part) I'm sure they will realize this tree needs accurate colliders that go as high up as we the players can.
Gis' a like and a comment if you agree 🙃

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