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  1. I would say BG2 NWN2 IWD2 than BG1 IWD1 NWN1. BG2 was my favorite but I never cared to the expansions they always feel short due to the fact they take you to a new area and it's never big as the first part it would be fine had you been able to travel to the older places along with the new ones. NWN2 3rd expansion would have been fine had it been longer and had more areas to enter felt so limited. BG2 by far was the longest out of all of them had the most replay value at least for me it did.
  2. I have no issues accepting what I do because I really know what I am doing is good just may not be good to everyone else. I play video games with similar morals to what I have in real life.
  3. I can just see it now screen goes black prostitute oh god oh god lmfao
  4. Joe did hear about it and was asking one of the developers about it a couple years ago after that it was probably not on his mind to much because it was still early
  5. prostitutes can have romance lol that's the extra fee you got to pay
  6. I think there will be a point on no return point, however it could be possible but that means typically they would have to add much dialogue into the game due to the after effect of beating the main plot. Or it will let you save once you beat the game and when you load up that save file it will be right before the final boss.
  7. The treasure chest thing sorts things out by armor type ect
  8. Are you using Gyazo? or just screen printing while in game to do this? I may have to join you in this.
  9. You should watch that video. The media is the biggest issue that's why I stay away from the news its full of BS
  10. Lol really I mean kids curse and you teach them why it's bad to curse I got salt and pepper poured down my throat when I was little for saying it but it's bound to happen. I seen parents say every curse word in the book around the kids and ironically the kids don't say it they get irritated that there parents say it. When I was little I heard a decent amount still never really cursed until I was much older. Everyone is different and not saying anyone is wrong about not wanting the kids to see it but I hope they never do take out cursing it makes it feel more real when you get your arm cut or and what not you don't say golly gee that hurt lol.
  11. Well no those are not set in stone but pretty sure they are around what you need beta is typically relatively close to the specs you need I played many games from beta now they may be off by a little give or take but it's never by to much.
  12. It happens more so when you pause the game to re issue orders I am sure they could change it to do the same as when you don't do that. When you don't pause the game and just click wherever it cancels the prior command so you then run to the new location rather than the prior than to the new location the reason or most of the reason its because the pause is more suited for tactical combat if you constantly re change battle location it will continue to do that. I almost never use the pause at all even in harder modes I never really bothered with it so did not notice it until I watched this video. I think if anything you could always create a mod if they don't implement it and upload it to the nexus website for others to use if they want.,
  13. Earlier today I was counting all the areas in BG2 from what it seems to be this will basically be the size of BG2 before the DLC add onto BG2 if anything it may have a few more areas. I never really know what they typically consider by location but I always end up counting interiors of even the small houses as locations hopefully a DEV or Moderator could further explain on this. I know one location many seemed to miss in BG2 was in the bridge district and a certain door you need a rogue stone to gain entry too now that's harder than a dragon ironically what lays in wait for you. I would estimate this game for players like me 100 hours give or take. People don't typically read to much into lore so most skim read and end up shortening the game time.
  14. You can also search your graphics card ect and compare with the ones above to see if they are equal to or better.l
  15. OS: Windows XP Processor: 2.6 GHz Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Model Shader 3 Compatible Video Card, 512 MB or better Hard Drive: 25 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card OS: Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: 2.6 GHz Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Model Shader 3 Compatible Video Card, 512 MB or better Hard Drive: 25 GB available space OS: Linux Ubuntu 10.10 or greater Processor: 2.6 GHz Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Model Shader 3 Compatible Video Card, 512 MB or better Hard Drive: 25 GB available space anything better and you will be really good this is the least recommended specs for the game.
  16. That is very true about console command sometimes if there is a glitch or bug if you input the right command you can fix the issue if not you can always look up the issue to see if others had the same issue.
  17. I just hope a pre-download happens because I am going to be moving and where I will be staying for a little while has horrible internet so it could end up taking me a day or so just to download the game lol. So it a pre-download happens before the 20th of march I will be happy.
  18. Well its 3d in some parts to some degree such as when you pull the menu up. All isometric games are 2d but with some 3d aspects. Graphics are better than previous isometric games but that all depends due to art style personally I like what they have and BG2 was my second favorite due to the fact that it's more hand done than say using 3ds max sure that was used but not as much as most games. 3D is typically a world where it's three dimensional to where you can rotate the camera. Due to it being isometric the camera angles won't matter at all. Isometric are 2D for the most part anyways aside from a few aspects of some part of the game. Sorry for the rant sure nothing was probably useful lol.
  19. Technically you can cheat now however there is no point in beta. Also you may still be able to still get achievements depending on how you go about doing it but that means messing with some variables and what not. Unless they have someone really good at scripting the game to detect any numbers changed than it will lock up as far as you just not getting them. Personally I beat a game before I cheat in the game. Also does not mean you are not a real gamer if you cheat just means you are cheating to get fun out of the game the side effect of cheating means the game is shorter that's the drawback to cheating. You don't need to use the console command to cheat more than just that way to cheat.
  20. Lies I tell you I think about it all the time >.< lol but really I know what he is saying I would love to scroll in just a bit more and I would be happy, what you could to is decrease the resolution that may help but it makes the graphic of the portraits more blurry. You win some and lose some when it comes to making them bigger I am sure there is more than one way of seeing them closer up but have not put much time into trying that yet.
  21. If I recall the last video with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfz0hu8Zjqg ( Pillars of Eternity Gameplay 01/15/15 with Josh Sawyer ) Josh Sawyer was asked about map notes he had to double check, as of right now there was nothing of map notes. However it seemed like map notes may happen or not if they do it could be implemented later on currently not sure about this. You could always go old school and keep some paper and a pen on hand I used to use do that or use word to make notes for references later.
  22. Peanut butter jelly time, Peanut butter jelly time Peanut butter jelly time Peanut butter jelly time Peanut butter an a baseball bat where he at where he at where at peanut butter jelly time
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