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  1. Steam preload isn't the same as installed ... it still has to uncompress/fully install the downloaded file, which occurs on release day. that wont really require internet at that moment will it because it took me almost the whole day just to download 6 gigs
  2. steam key finally showed up I think the version of the game will be all on them to help me from there
  3. At the risk of sounding like bored technical support, have you tried logging out and back in? re-log still does not work
  4. At the risk of sounding like bored technical support, have you tried logging out and back in? Yes I have twice but will try again
  5. it also makes no sense that I paid over 70 and I have the hero edition still cant the key to generate
  6. It would still be nice for them to say something at least
  7. I think people are upset but not taking everything into account when it comes to the shipping process. To give a real life example the military took years to give me back my birth certificate because they had lost it I had gotten things mailed to me several years after they were sent. Was I mad sure but I got over it, has a game ever been late getting to me yes was I mad yes. People are forgetting these facts. 1) Ports were closed due to union ect 2) Money they already had money issues before the project and probably still not out the clear yet. 3) Paradox is the ones who help with the distribution that will cost them money probably all they can afford 4) Europe is not around the corner 5) Air Mail is not cheap You can be upset all you want but to me I don't think they did anything wrong should they have handled it better sure I think most things should. Most companies including over seas plan short term never long term you can say people do but that's not reality. They probably planned the best they could is that a excuse sure should it be a good enough one sure is it good enough for someone no. Is this going to tarnish them no why because this happens to far often to tarnish them and not just them many products of many different things. I mean I seen things needed that were meant to save lives get shipped late when I was in the military if that can happen it will happen in this case should it happen no. Do I live in the US yes does what I say matter yes and no just saying I know you are upset not saying I know how upset people are because I am not you.
  8. It may be that in Europe that they have to do things differently due to shipping issues or something else it's not typically the distributors fault when it comes to these things. Sometimes Europe gets things before we do. They probably wanted to send everything out at once it would be really hard to time it all out at once for everyone to get everything at the same time also to ship things in bulk takes a great deal of money so unless the Disks are made in Europe also than it will be really expensive to ship over seas the faster they ship it to you the more it costs type deal they may not have the funds for that. If disks are being made in Europe than it's up to those making the physical goods in Europe to get them out on time at the end of the day money is always the big concern. Depending on how broke they were or how bad of a state they were in 4 million and some change is great but for a decent size team who have families to feed the bills the cost of travel fee physical goods, ect and shipping fees. P.S Sorry for the many errors just waking up going to go back to sleep for 10 minutes lol
  9. Was hoping to pre download well before next week lol yeah I know wishful thinking hopefully there will be a pre download going to be at my moms house so internet will be slow. Have not had slow internet in years going to be weird having a slow connection.
  10. Well if this ones takes off than CRPGs will make a full turn around because I bet you other game developers be like hey lets jump on the bandwagon that's what happened with minecraft and a few sandbox games I seen the cycle repeat itself a few times.
  11. As silly as you're making it sound, it still balances out. Just as the little blacksmith shop interior is 1 area, so is the entire Skaen dungeon. And this is how the devs measured the IE games. I know they count the areas but it's just something I do lol I think when they eventually make the expansion it could be really close to BG2 depending on how big they make it. I know BG2 is a hard game to measure up to when it comes to scale that game still has the most areas I think other than some of the newer games but I think BG2 was full of content nothing felt to redundant to me.
  12. When I start playing the game I will count the areas in POE myself to see how many areas there are. Going by what they have shown us we have already seen a little more than or less than the areas in the game if you count every space you enter as a area. The beta has 15 areas if you count all the building spaces in town ect
  13. 1) How to have the fastest game time let a baby wolf kill you at the camp at the start of the game so like 5 minutes of play time 2) Complete everything and read everything 100 hours give or take 3) Do main quest with minor side quests 30 hours 4) Goofing around it's over 9000!!!!! 5) Trolling it's 10 hours 6) Skipping dialogue acting like you did anything it's 15 hours for main quest only not counting 50 re loads due to deaths lol 7) My estimated guess for me 100 hours Using money cheat 80 hours
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