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  1. So far it's rather sexy. I think their should be a NPC as a place holder to teach the basics of combat for those who don't know what's going on it has a mixture of different CRPG combat styles. Also I love how the Npc's currently feel alive as much as they did in BG2 now take it as you will that's a lot coming from me makes me want to play the game non stop however I will put countless hours more once it's fully released. Bugs 1) Some may experience fast FPS during or before combat may not be a bug however because not everyone is having the issue. I had it at first however I reloaded the game back up and the issue went away. Fix Ways to fix the issue above restart the game. Sync the files in steam to see if any files are missing. Go into Nivida if you have it to change the settings for fps. Run the game in ADMIN mode. 2) Combat sometimes seems a bit sluggish granted did not put to much time into it however I only mean that because sometimes it feels as though I have to re-click on the enemy to get them to attack. AI sometimes when sending all NPCs to attack a creature sometimes one CH glitches out and gets stuck into another NPC it's rather funny. 3) As much as I love the dialogue sometimes or some people have seen the issue with the text when going to the sexy page with context and choices the sentence needs to be pushed over a little bit more. 4) It needs a little more optimization sometimes it's lags or is a bit sluggish when going in the creation mode before starting a new game. 5) Sometimes their is a black out of the text when going to change settings you can't see the text in the left side where them sexy bars are with words in them. Granted this issue does not always occur. Things I hope for. 1) Hopefully their will be more hair designs Hopefully this game becomes awesome sauce prob will just saying. Hopefully you will be able to color armor although did not play much of the beta yet did run into a guy who was talking about dyes. P.S The development team is awesome sauce for making a game that reminds me of BG2 NW2 and IWD however the game is it's own entity so that makes it even better and it could end up being on the same par with those games may be even better who knows. Sorry for any miss spelling I think most will get the point.
  2. Personally I love armor but I wish they had a plate armor or heavy looking then that. I also like dragon armor or armor that give a god like complex or the idea of a dark and holy looking armor I am sure they will have those just saying lol.
  3. I will play the hell out of it because I have a feeling it's going to be a sexy beast of a game lol
  4. Not sure about you but that was easy for me I always had a godly setup. Get to a safe zone summon all your creatures with a priest or druid mage ect need three of them. Cast really strong creatures summon some weaker ones mid level then, then summon higher level creatures until you run out of summoned creature spells then sleep then summon all you high level creatures again send them in then you go with them and by that time all the monsters are easy to kill. When I played the game the first time in BG1 Bg2 NW1 NW2 ect I tanked all those games and beat it then after that I liked massing a army per say with creature spells and sending them in as if I was the general and spilling monster blood and dropping them all to the ground. Only time my tactics failed was sadly on the guy you bring all the bones to bring him back to life and fight him till I figured out a good way of defeating him. Personally I like a game to take super long and puzzles don't mind them taking a while I like a good puzzle unless they make no since of course. I hope this game comes out sooner then the later though I think they should focus and getting what they had planned out now first then everything they do after that goes into a true expanstion not a dlc most dlc are super short 10 to 15 hours is not even a true dlc a true dlc is like 30 hour plu.
  5. Ya I know my post is late however it can be upgraded so we really don't know what it will look like when it's fully upgraded. It may be a massive fort it may be a wall that protects a small town and within your town you have your manor. They said that you can upgrade the stronghold and your house as two separate things both within the same area. So it may start as a small town or look un clustered but overtime may turn into a massive home base really can't say at this moment. Also the only money you will make won't be much at all due to the tax from your soldiers and the like unless you don't have them then your play will be attacked and no one will be there to protect it and it will fall apart meaning all that time wasted. The stronghold will prob have a charter where you say you will have x amount of soldiers and pay them x amount also repairs will spend x amount on and then you will get x amount after each week or so thus leaving you with hardly any cash. The only way I can see you making money is once all the upgrades are done and that depends on how much that will take hopefully it takes a while I want to see a small place turn into a massive for but that's me wishing.
  6. This has really started to shape up in a nice way, I will be backing this soon however I did not do so just because I wanted to see where it would go I was a huge fan of the Baldurs gate 2 and the like. The pillars in the pic look like something you would see in Rome well during there time anyways. Not sure where that would take place in the game however in BG2 the final area was something to that affect. I think it depends on how you go about implementing the penetration when hitting creatures. I think Blunt weapons are more of a stun and penetration should have a bleed affect if you could implement that into the game. Also people should not get offended by the names of gods or creatures they make they are not real and it takes away from the ability to name creatures what you want to. As far as the window for stats and the like I think it's fine.
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