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  1. One way might be if they tied it into recovery time on swapped weapons, or allowed faster quick-slot item usage or something. Something that doesn't impact everything but does create a benefit to juggling things out of your belt or using multiple items at once. Or heck, allow using pickpocket unstealthed on a foe in combat to flat disarm them.
  2. I wish there was a clever dialogue option involving Concelhaut when talking with the circle of archmagi. Something like: "btw guys, look who wants to say hello, my pet Concy!" Perhaps in the dlc... Man trotting him around like a show dog to display your superiority is going to make him comically livid. Even more than normal.
  3. Off topic, but why Rauatai for a priest of Berath? The Huana seem far more respectful and dedicated to her eel incarnation, their bounty guy even gives you the bounties in her name. Huana culture needs some changes but that's what Berath's all about and you can be the impetus of better change withing their own society without the almost Galawain-style of strong supplementing the weaker. Still, it probably wouldn't matter in the end to a Berathian anyway. The wheel turns regardless.
  4. While I'm not actually a fan of the idea of actually meeting Nega-Eothas as Gaun, I think there could be something to a death cult, or strange occurrence setting up a growing concern *and* connection to the Deadfire. More and more Deadfire souls cropping up in the Dyrwood as some strange soul-current is interrupting the regular flow into Hel. A sudden surge of slightly dreams among Eothasians calling them to the Dawnstars (Eder complains of them to you via letter - and mentions a voice in them being his old flame's calling his name), and Dawn and Dusk seemingly coming sooner in the last week.
  5. I tend to do them but so far there's been good reason, usually. For the first character I had, a Priest of Berath, the Huana guy sending me 'prayer bounties' and the natural inclination to move things toward their next stages, meant that my character saw the opportunity to take a bounty in similar way as the Huana individual. An offered bounty was a quiet call to send them through their next doorway. My next character will be working for Rauatai but left there for the Dyrwood after his artisan master refused him, so there's not a lot of loyalty there beyond a general agreeableness toward b
  6. Ugh, another cloak. Mystic background relation could at least be interesting, although I already played my mystic and was hoping my hunter could get a cool cloak. Eh, no bit deal.
  7. In POE 1 I tended to at least find a few places to use them - a bridge here that I knew I could kite a group through, the stairs of a lord I knew I was about to tick off, before a huge dungeon end boss I knew was coming and was going to try and kite him (ended up ending up getting used on his adds but it helped). Minor places but kindof nice when they were hit right (although so vastly limited in number that high level the number of useful traps was small). In Deadfire most of the fights don't tend to be helped as much at prep-time comparatively and the places I'd really like to use them - s
  8. So you're saying the story is basically following around Trump, but rather killing yourself. I can dig that. Not quite. Eothas isn't caught in nearly as many blatant lies. He's just blind to his own hypocrisy and, for some reason, you can't really point it out to him yourself and Eder gets blown off when he tries. I can kindof see the parallels with that sentence though. Less politically, and more seriously, Eothas's actions legitimately make me question his status as a positive deity compared to even Woedica. *WOEDICA*. Eothas in Deadfire was someone I liked at least on the same level, if
  9. I can see the lack of excitement some, but I just think that means they needed to vary the lashes up on unique items a bit more. If you can only add a few elemental lashes, but certain uniques have stronger lashes of a specific element, or more varied lashes that you can't add (A sun-blade style weapon that has a half-fire lash and a half-raw lash or can inflict a burn wound on a crit, or maybe just a club with a weird slashing lash). Alternatively make them take some rarer items so you have to consider it more. I only ever felt the POE1's uniques weren't unique though when they didn't h
  10. Reading the thread and thinking about it, before you go to meet Eothas its definitely made clear you can't beat him (although due to most convention, I can see how people could have taken that as a narrative falsity). Hell the other Gods don't think they can take him even if they absorb all the Godtouched souls and dogpile him. I have no idea *why* that's the case, as he's one god with a bunch of souls he's burning through the power of to even get to Ukaizo by that point and can't be on the top of his game. But sure, we'll accept they're as helpless as they think they are. But the whole time y
  11. It could be you have to convince the Wahaki to leave peacefully too, as well. The Wahaki are kindof hard up for some 'murder their way out' good times. Hell one of them tries to snap your neck/attack you just for talking to them initially, so to say they're tense is an understatement. Getting them to leave peacefully might allow you to convince him that letting the slaves and the Wahaki go, and sticking to the legal slaving, or something, is more beneficial. I'm not sure myself, I killed him so hard he exploded.
  12. I got the Wael-face, 'Wael?' question and then blacked out and woke up fine.(more than fine, we had the 'good food, good friends/company' buff) If anything Wael seemed amused at the whole thing, even though just earlier he was annoyed that I'd seemed to have lost my sense of wonder compared to when I buried the scroll in POE1. But then again that character was a Priest of Berath, he tended to respect the God's authority in small favors, but only Berath for big stuff so he'd actually always been pretty cordial to the gods by then. (Later he screamed at them, literally the first of only 2 passio
  13. You've been tricked. Easily over 90% of unique weapons had something you COULDN'T enchant yourself. And the biggest loss of the ability to self enchant basic items was that now, without as much of the unique variation (there's almost 2 of every one, depending, but certain characters may just not make the right decisions/find them), you're often stuck with a basic lash-less/target-less weapon if you try and dual wield say - battleaxes. (Whether for rp or jut cosmetic appearance of some weapons). I mean, that's a contrived example for a me, but the point remains that in the old system if
  14. Reading over the races again they, on the whole, seem very insular, xenophobic even among small differences in culture, and seem to fall solidly into the Pillars trend of culture weighing into them more than race (although for some the culture is entirely their own whereas others involve other, likely more bombastic, races influencing them). So my guess is that they lack the worldliness to become truly wise or experienced on the whole, likely tend to be very conservative and unwilling to accept theories or beliefs not included in their predominant culture or worldview, and just on the whole ac
  15. Yeah, I never expected to fight Eothas on my first run. Well, until every other decision was just lying over and asking him to be nice in one of a few ways (i.e - the Fight and instantly die option was what I selected). My character *wanted* the wheel and the existing system. The wheel is Berath, or she is representative of its cycles, and as a cleric, a death godlike, and a herald of Berath he was more miffed, probably even than Berath, about Eothas's reasoning and attack on his deity. (And in fact I considered going a different way in the conversation until he does the whole 'I absolve you o
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