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  1. Ossus Keeper Robes - Found in the Onderon Palace museum, or given to you by the queen if you go light side.
  2. I went Nar Shaddaa, Korriban, Dantooine, Onderon.
  3. yeah, every robe has a cloak to it now. obi-wan style. I want some decent light-side robes. all I found were dark jedi master and gray jedi (along with ossus keeper and some red robes), but no Jedi Master or anything.
  4. Uh... there's your personal crystal, which can become pretty powerful as you progress. And the Ultima Pearl which you get on the final planet. I don't know of any "uber" crystal.
  5. Here's ways to gain influence for certain characters: Handmaiden: Acts of mercy will please her the most. Do enough of them in her presence and she'll say that she finds you fair and generous. Visas: Killing people who deserve to be killed pleases her. I killed a duros for some quest, and she said she felt it inside her that he needed to be killed to restore order. More to come.
  6. Vandar and Yuthura should have come out and done a drive-by on these fools - Jedi style.
  7. He might have rushed through the game for all we know, and only be a level 4 Jedi Master or something. Try bumping it down a difficulty notch if need be.
  8. Are you looking at the map? One of the first mistakes to make with a game like KOTOR is to not look at the map. Also, if need be, just run along every wall hitting A. *shrug* all I can think of for now.
  9. I said this in another thread, but the whole "don't mate with Visas" conversation with Kreia was comedy.
  10. yeah, I missed T3 on my first pass of the base. be sure to free him.
  11. If the game let you kill her, Darth Nihilus would have no role except to say "BLOGGABLOGGABLOGGA" incessantly.
  12. Your forgiveness is in vain. How can one who is weak ever expect to become strong if they are granted a crutch at every corner?
  13. Might as well. They're conspiring against you anyway.
  14. mandalorian melee shield, grenades, upgraded vibrosword.
  15. I'll be the first to admit that the plot really does die off after the Jedi Masters are killed and Kreia reveals herself, but it is by no means a letdown. And Bastila only shows up if you said Revan was a male. She shows up after you leave the room with Carth and talks to him a bit. She says something like "I only wish I knew why he did it." And it's obvious from the get-go that Mandalore is Canderous. He says "Clan Ordo still survives," and Kreia asks him to "find out why he left you there on your own," obviously referring to Revan.
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