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  1. Thanks...that's what I was afraid of. Here's the thing though...I just took the game back and got a new disc...same problem. So, it must be in my saved info...something that happened in the beginning of the game I guess. Unfortunately, I don't have any saved games from before the Polar part, so I basically have to start over I guess. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks for your reply.....Are you talking about prison room with the 3 electric holding cells? That room is straight off the meeting room where the 2 handmaidens are standing around. But, the cells are empty. Are they supposed to be?
  3. Bump. Still stuck. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Sorry...still feeling really dumb here. I've looked at the map and have gone everywhere I can find. From which room do you go to get to the irrigation chamber? The only things on my map are: hanger control, hangar bay, the handmaiden quarters, prison, entrance chamber, meditation chamber, meeting chamber, work bench/lab station. From which of these areas do I find the way to the irrigation chamber? EDIT: Is the "handmaiden" (not one of the "sister handmaidens") supposed to talk? When I click dialog, nothing happens. I'm wondering if that's a bug? THANKS!
  5. Thanks for responding. Not to sound to dumb, but I've been searching this area for hours and can't find them. Can you give me a few directions? THANKS!!!
  6. I've been stuck in the Telos polar region for hours now. I can't find my friends and get out of here! I talked to all of the handmaidens (except the one that wouldn't talk), I talked to Atris and got lightside points, I even fought the handmaidens to see what that would do...nothing. They keep saying to free my friends from the northside of the compound, but I can't find it. What am I missing, of have I enountered a bug? HELP PLEASE!
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