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  1. About Mira, once you get the convo option to "show" her what Kreia showed you on Nar Shadda, just have her in your party when you stroll around that first landing area in Nar Shadda...
  2. I don't think it is possible in the beginning of the game. Maybe if we are forced back to Telos, after visiting the other planets we need to visit.
  3. I've found no respawn so far at all. Not on Dxun, Dantooine, or Nar Shadda. I can't seem to go back to the surface of Telos to check there. I wonder if maybe there is a fixed amount of xp you can get... Which means there is a sort of level cap, heh. I was hoping to get another eight levels or so so I can use the 18 con implants, but thats not looking likely. Too bad it goes off of base con, and not adjusted.
  4. I don't know if that is a problem or not. I have the same thing happening, except I chose not to get credits from GoTo at all. I don't know if it matters or not
  5. well bugger...oh well, I got a nice crystal at the other terminal
  6. Strange, GSpot's first solution worked for me. Its not worth it though, just two green crystals...
  7. I wasn't able to get into the sub-level either. I hope its something that comes into play later...or maybe it was something cut from the game because of time constraints :shrugs:
  8. BoS= Burst of Speed I think I noticed maybe a bug when I had master 2-hand fighting and only improved flurry. On the surface of Telos, I couldn't hit a damn thing ( no matter what style of attack I used, normal, power, flurry, etc). It was only once I leveled up and got master flurry that things seemed to go back to normal. Either that or the mercs on Telos are much more difficult than anything else up till then. But I can tell you that Master 2-hand, master flurry does major damage (especially with lightsabers). So it will go back to normal for you, maybe try investing a feat or two in two-hand fighting.
  9. I don't know what happens at the end (three planets down), but I am glowing like a christmas tree (LS master), and have managed to budge her slightly towards the light-side. I have maybe 5-6 points of influence (if each "influence gained" message equates to one point). The only thing I can't get her to open up on yet is whether she knew revan. I expect that will come soon, with a few more points.
  10. This part also frustrated me for a bit. I ended up changing the difficulty of the game to easy for that fight, and beat the sisters down with a Sith Tremor Sword. /vent on Incidently, I really disliked certain aspects of Nar Shadda. The forced usage of certain characters (particularly Atton), and the way your main PC seemed to constantly get himself incapacitated It was the third planet I went to, so I was pretty buff by the time I got there...not that you would know it, since my Jedi seemed to fall into every trap every schmuck on the planet devised. So much for awareness and being in tune with the force... Every other part of the game has been great, I guess i just disliked what I think is the heavy handed story-telling done towards the end of the planet. /vent off
  11. Theres a guy in the refugee section of the refugee quarter. Hes sick, and needs you to heal him (treat wounds). I think if you either work for the main exchange guy in the refugee sector or kill him, it may spark the exchange part of Nar Shadda.
  12. Also, for these who may have the same trouble in the future, you can blast the console with your driods blasters equipped.
  13. You need to come to the attention of the exchange. So either help or hinder them in every area of Nar Shadda you can go to (via quests). Its automatic from there
  14. Just wondering if anyone had found anyplace yet that has a good respawn of enemies. I've only done Onderon, Dantooine, and almost done with Nar Shadda. So if its someplace I have yet to go, please be a little vague
  15. So I'm at the Northen Telos Polar Region, and i've done everything I can there. I talked to the "Last" Handmaiden, and nothing seems to get her to join, even though I score Light Side points during the conversation and I say some insightful things about Atris and about the nature of the force. Am I too early to get her to join up?
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