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  1. You're right, they're gone. Still didn't solve the issue with being able to talk to the Steward on my newest saves though. But I can at least play the expansion on the older ones. So thanks!
  2. Hey, yeah, I got the GOG version! Thanks for not forgetting me! I'm just re-installing the game (with all the patches) and will add the patch for the vanilla game too. Will let you know what came out of it!
  3. Tell me if it works, please Though all of my screen (and the map) are pink, so be happy it's just the weapons In the end, I deleted, and re-installed everything except the latest patch, so it's back to normal... I think I'm gonna skip this patch... So you just skipped the latest patch? Hmmm...the thing is, I couldn't even get to Caed Nua before, because my game kept crashing. Will experiment with this a bit more when I have more time.
  4. Tell me if it works, please Though all of my screen (and the map) are pink, so be happy it's just the weapons
  5. Update: I loaded up some older saves and lo and behold, I can click on the Steward and start a conversation - but when I get to The White March, I get a pink map and pink graphics and a green-ish menu (happens with both saves). It looks like this happened to some other users too. My Stronghold mercs also attacked me for some reason in the newer save (the Endless Paths one) I uploaded for you guys... Here you go, hope these are helpful: Reever-Older-Saves.rar Edit: And I also had the issue where enemies froze in Crägholdt or whatever that map is called.
  6. Got this problem too now - though it's an improvement, since I couldn't even get to the Keep before, because of my gaming crashing all the time :D
  7. Thanks! With the new patch I am able to get to the Caed Nua, but then I have the same problem as others already reported, namely that I cannot talk to the Steward at all (the mouse pointer turns to a red "forbidden" circle). Can I get the strings to the new locations and the strings for the quests? Maybe I can use the console to start the quest. Although it would be nice if we'd get a fix I appreciate what you guys are doing, keep it up!
  8. That's great, thanks for addressing that, although I guess that's not too high up on your priority list. I added the extra RAM, but it did not help. It seems I can travel for 2-3 maps and then the game crashes. Here are the latest reports - I will start a fresh game and write here again if it works then. Though I hope I can get to play the expansion with this character. 2015-08-28_230026.zip 2015-08-28_230656.zip
  9. I've been playing the game before indeed with more RAM, but I shut off the function after finishing my playthrough. I will try again with more RAM enabled and will let you know how it went. What about those "re-unexplored" regions, though?
  10. Hello! The above is my main problem! 1) After having installed the patch and the Expansion (now currently have v2.00.0706 PX1), I tried to travel to Caed Nua - and the game crashed. It might be that my save is full of bugs though and the problem might be aggravated because I used the console, too (just fiddling with Godmode and attributes. And I had to use teleport once because of the 2nd problem below). 2) Regions I have already visited appear as new when I go back (i.e. fog of war is there again), although my diary entries still show every quest as finished. This happened a while ago (before patch 2.0, maybe even after the patch before that) and I hoped a new patch would fix it, but alas it didn't. But that's also why I don't remember if I can go back and re-do the quests (there was only one similar case to this IIRC, there was no solution though AFAIK). 3) I haven't noticed much else than stat bonuses from inns appearing to linger for too long (which was supposedly fixed) and Eder wanting to talk to me although he has nothing to say. 4) I also have to wait veeeeeeeery long (especially when I load up the first game it takes like 2 minutes) for the game to load, afterwards about 40 - 60 seconds for transitions (read Roby's post though, so hopefully that might fix it). Sorry I took so long to get to you guys with this, but I thought I could get through with all of it This .rar file contains a few save games both from 2.0 and the same from the 1.x version, as well as the oldest save game I still have. All the crash reports and the system diagnosis is in there too. Would be cool if you can figure it out, though too many problems might have come together for that to happen =D Reever-logs-and-saves.rar
  11. Really? I was thinking the expansion contained the patch!! You should really put a notice on this (on kickstarter/Steam/GOG/wherever you're selling the game), I guess some people would make the same mistake as I did! (game isn't fully downloaded yet though, so I can still get the patch first).
  12. Redeemed and downloading from GOG! Great, thanks guys! Can't wait to dive in again!
  13. My poor Mind Blades T_T Just kidding, thanks for the patch, guys!
  14. Oh, so you really can't hire more than 8 characters? Then I'd like to know that too, have one custom-made character.
  15. I'm still pretty okay on normal, though I guess the combat does keep me on my toes now that I dismissed my self-made Paladin and let the Dwarf join my crew. Really think I'm going to need another guy or gal at the front. Will either have to wait for the Paladin or re-skill somebody from my party. The game has console commands though, so you should be alright Well, on easy it should be easy enough, I'd wager. And you're probably right, but I still don't think this should keep people who like to play games for the story away from it. And again, that's why you have an easy mode. And consoles. What do you care how and why people play their game for?
  16. I have not used this myself, so I don't know if it works 100% or not, but here's a an editor for PoE that you might be able to use to do what you're looking to do. Thanks, will maybe look into it later. Don't know if I should just lower the difficulty so I can take whoever I want to with me or if I really should change their stats. Don't want a corrupt save or something. I'll see.
  17. Yeah, I was actually really surprised I had most recipes already written down and everything. That was pretty...underwhelming.
  18. I just want the option to change their stats :D (I know you can do this with the IE mod, but at the moment the option is bugged, IIRC).
  19. Around 12 hours in (or a bit more?) and I just hit level 5. Off to Defiance bay (after I clear Old Nua level 2...if I'm good enough).
  20. First off, I love the Stronghold. It's a nice money sink. And I can't wait for it to be all shiny and give me all kinds of bonuses. But yeah, I asked myself some of those questions too. Especially when I read that "my patrols" fended of some attackers. I was like "whut? Which patrols?!" :D
  21. This is fantastic! It's a bit bothersome, especially at night. Can remember thinking why everything was still so dark around me, although I had already explored everything
  22. I'd love an Infinity Engine / Pillars of Eternity-esque sci-fi game... eventually getting control of a ship, having a crew as your party... it'd be awesome. Like Mass Effect, but with deeper plot and more character (and isometric!), I think it'd be great. Sadly, I can't help though, I don't know any sci-fi isometric RPG's. There's Stasis, which is more of an adventure game, but looks very cool, it was Kickstarted last year I believe; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bischoff/stasis-2d-isometric-scifi-horror-adventure-game This would be soooo great!
  23. I've been using drag and drop the whole time and after having read about the bug I just continued doing so. Hope things get fixed for everybody soon enough.
  24. Hell yeah, me too. Who needs sleep when ou can play PoE? :D
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