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  1. OMG!!! CHRIS!!! [/prudishness] man. that's amazing how a joke can take on a whole new meaning after u get more info.
  2. who's the dude under 10?
  3. I only played Light Side Male, so I wrote for only Light Side Male because that's what I know best. Also, this will take a while to read , and forgive any mistakes I made because this is written about three weeks after I finished the game. After defeating traya--- LIGHT SIDE (Male) "You may rest" With that, Traya starts to crumble as if she was made of dust and scatters into the wind. The Exile starts to walk slowly over to the lone door shown in the movie but not explored. There is no visible handle, but the door opens easily, as if it were waiting just for the Exile to walk through it. Inside is a vast circular room filled with Sith Holocrons, documenting the entire existance. Indeed, this would have been the perfect place for one to learn the ancient and powerful Dark arts of the Sith. But being a true Jedi, you know what you must do. Just as the familiar feeling of Electricity is beginning to tickle the Exile's fingers, the floor starts to shake. A crack starts to widen at the far wall, and the Exile turns to leave. Something catches his eye, and sees a Holocron that seems out of place. He grabs it and returns to the spot, where moments ago Traya had gone. The Ebon Hawk appears from out of the shadows. The exile jumps in, and proceeds to the ****pit. On the crumbling Malachor V, dust starts to gather into a pile. Gradually, the dust starts to pick up speed and a human form is steadily made. it seems to be Sion, but the skin is smoother, the form is wearing robes, and the breaths are shallow, as if on the brink of death. The voices of Traya and Sion are one, as are their very being. "We will meet again Exile..." The form scatters once more, and Malachor V begins to break up. The Planet explodes, and asteroids scatter everywhere. However, among the rocks that are the remains of Malachor V, one asteroid is moving in an odd way. As if it were following the Ebon Hawk. Aboard the Ebon Hawk, the exile walked straight into the main room to see Atton and Visas standing in a stoic stance, not particularly close to each other, but not as if they were at opposite ends of the room. Among the faces, the Exile notices that more than a couple of faces are un-accounted for. "Where'd the robots go to? And where's Mira and Bao-Dur?" Atton answered. "Mira's in the infirmary. Bao-Dur found her when he realized that remote hadn't activated the Mass Shadow Generator. GO-TO was holding him captive and Bao-Dur had to destroy him, but not before he almost destroyed Remote and HK-47" Bewilderment rushed to the Exile's face. "HK-47?" Atton chuckled. "Yeah, those upgrades you gave him had some effect. He was so sad that Remote and GO-TO were out there alone, he almost cried. If that's possible for Robots. Anyway, GO-TO had Remote captive, and I guess some of HK-47's anger flared up, and he pretty much pummeled him. But the stupid droid shot Remote and almost fried his circuits. Luckily, Bao-Dur protected him from a second shot, but he got knocked out cold. We're lucky HK-47's a robot, because he was able to single-handedly bring back Mira, Bao-Dur, and Remote to the Ship in one piece. Bad news, is that it put a tremendous strain on him, and his power core is pretty much shot. It's replaceable though, so we should be able to fix him up." Words couldn't express what was running through the Exile's mind, especially the shock of seeing a robot display human-like emotions. He thought carefully, and then spoke. "So where are they now?" It was Visas that responded this time. "The Handmaiden is currently treating Mira for her wounds. She should be alright in a few days time. For the time being, she must rest." Good, the exile thought. The exile turned to Atton once more. "Where is Bao-Dur now? and what about the droids?" Atton paused for a moment. "Well, Bao-Dur is working on Remote right now, and he says that he'll be operational within a few hours. However, Remote isn't making it easy..." "What do you mean he isn't making it easy?" Atton looked off into the distance before answering. "You remember when GO-TO screwed around with the Remote and made it look like he got blown up? Well, he changed is programming, so that when he would activate the programming, Remote would treat everyone as a hostile." The exile was stunned once more. "But Bao-Dur can fix that right?" Atton grinned "Yeah, that'll be easy." The lights flickered on and off in the room several times. "What was that?" said the exile. Once more, Atton answered. "T3 is making repairs to the ship that we sustained on Malachor." The Exile felt at ease finally, knowing that his friends were safe. "I think it's a good idea if we all took some time to rest." Just as the Exile turned to leave, the Holocron he had taken from the mysterious sith room at Malachor V dropped to the floor, almost as if it had popped out according to it's own will. It started to play, and a worn and weary voice resonated through out the room, however it reflected that of one that was cheerful and energetic, ready to take on the world, but not fool hardy and unwise. Everyone stopped, and stood silent. Visas whispered the very word that everyone in that room was thinking, "Revan." The Exile turned and stood eye to eye with the man that was once his leader, his mentor, and simultaneously, the object of his hate and joy. "Hello friend, it's been a while. I know that fate and the force haven't treated you as well as you would have liked them to have, but I knew that if there was one person that could find this, it would be you. It's good you found this, because you're the only one that could have. This contraption is activated only by the use of someone as experienced in the force as you. But space is limited on this thing, and this is the third time i've had to record because I have a tendency to ramble. (Revan Chuckles). I want you to know, I made a mistake. No, I'm not talking about the wars....The Nightmares are getting worse, and I want you to give this to someone out there. Bastila and Carth should be in close contact with each other, so give it to them. If you're anything like me, you should have a rag-tag group surrounding you right now. (the exile grins and shakes his head). If that's the case, then just know, that if you come out here, don't do it alone. I might have to come back, and if that's the case, make sure that you're on the way there. I might not be enough to stop them, so I need someone at my side. The coordinates are-" The holocron stops. Atton laughs. "Guess he really did have a tendency to ramble." The exile smiles at atton and looks down at the Holocron. "We better head back to Onderon," the exile said,"We're gonna need supplies." Atton was confused, "What are you saying?" The exile looked at Atton. "I'm saying where going on one more trip beyond the outer rim." Visas faced the Exile and spoke. "My life for yours master." The exile smiled. The roof of the Ebon Hawk is displayed, with sparks bursting out every now and then, and T3 making repairs. The view continually zooms out and shows that The Ebon Hawk is heading toward a small planet in the distance assumed to be Onderon. As the Ebon Hawk continues on towards Onderon, a small asteroid enveloped in a small red haze is shown following the Ebon Hawk, just as the Star Wars music is cued and Credits start to roll.
  4. :ph34r: maybe i'll be and avoid the so that i don't turn into and now i've completed one full post that uses emoticons instead of words
  5. that's the funniest s*** i've ever heard about s*** lol And i'd probably go...nowhere lucasarts boards are unpleasing to the eye, almost as unpleasing as the denizens that lurk it. It's like the taris undercity, filled with reeeally freaky guys....
  6. that is some AMAZING art. Just mind-blowing. Really good, just really good.
  7. you could always make up your own special dark side Bao-dur ending... ENDING "I'm the baddest Bao-Dur" "No I am!" (five minutes later they've all killed themselves and each other and set the ebon hawk for auto-pilot with a half-broken t3 and a screwed up hk-47 with a sticky-note attached to the exile's head that says "LIGHT SIDE THIS TIME")
  8. I haven't let my pc take a break in three weeks, it's been running non-stop, and I intend to keep it that way
  9. the only way we could go past 100 at this point would be to spam this thread.... You know, cause we technically have less than a week if this place does close down....
  10. Well, seeing as how they don't need their eyes, wouldn't it just be a process of evolution?
  11. Didn't occur to me till today, but i'm kinda seeing a paralellism between this trilogy and the original star wars trilogy. K1=ANH in that you discover the extraordinary in someone who wasn't, and leads you on a great adventure of self-discovery. K2=TSL in that you see the questionable descisions of the light side of the force, and it ends with someone chasing off to get to someone else. Who knows about K3, but if it's anything like the first two, you might be seeing a complete revisit of all previous planets from the first two games.
  12. well, I think it's because they wanna add more emphasis. It isn't everyone that's turns their skin gray when they turn to the dark side. Look at all of the dark jedi and dark jedi apprentices that u kill in the game. Guaranteed that they don't have some screwed up skin or eyes. It's only the more important people, like malak with his jaw, vader, palpatine with his skin and eyes (which is what people immediatley equate to dark side now), and maul with his horns and tatoos. Screwed up bodies are things that are reserved for the most extreme dark jedi, so it just makes sense that if the PC decides to go down the dark side, he should get something screwed up, and apparently grey and darked skin and those yellow eyes are the way to go, because you assume that as the PC you have some major influence like the dark jedi of the past and future had.
  13. They aren't gonna dis LA, they like working, and I like game developers that like working
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