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  1. I hope the rangers are well designed and useful. Always want to play one but find they're not that practical or interesting as a primary character in many games.
  2. I don't know about novels but if the game does well I would like them to expand the setting and lore somehow so that there are more crazy places they can take us and more bizarre things we can do and encounter in a sequel. In general I agree that books based on game settings are generally garbage.
  3. I was just looking at some old news articles about the dragon age game and it made me realize how excited I am about PoE. Been waiting way too long for another game like this
  4. The only 3 games I've backed are this, Torment, and Divinity. I think all 3 should be good. Progress seems to be going well on Pillars so far based on the updates, and Obsidian has a track record with this type of RPG, unlike most kickstarted games. Divinity, there's already a great alpha out for it, I think it will be pretty good. Torment is the one I'm most worried about based on everyone telling me the WL2 beta is crap, but at least the writing team is spectacular which is the most important thing in a narrative focused game like Torment.
  5. Character sheet looks great and really recalls that IE style. The new attributes are a lot better. I agree with Sensuki that most of the attributes are much better now but that Perception's value could perhaps be improved. Or maybe I just don't understand how it works yet. Really looking forward to getting my hands on this game and having a go with character creation.
  6. I just hope they really nail down the engine and mechanics so that the next game they can just focus on making a ****ton of content.
  7. One of many was one of the more interesting ideas for a companion I've seen in the last 15 years or so. Hopefully there's stuff in this game that takes me by surprise just as much.
  8. Yeah if I'm going to slog through 15 levels of something, it better be really interesting. The atmosphere needs to be intriguing, there needs to be compelling story reasons to keep going, and the levels need to feel distinct from one another. I hope there are a lot of characters to talk to, and that things inside are tied to a lot of quests, and that the levels are full of a lot of wondrous things to discover.
  9. What I've seen so far of WL2 has me a bit worried about Torment.
  10. My preference would be a sequel type expansion like Mask of the Betrayer or Throne of Bhaal.
  11. No idea of the specifics till I know a little more about the mechanics but going to try running a Godlike Cipher first. Curious about both of those so why not try them together on the first run through.
  12. The originally stated goals of more companions and more wilderness areas to explore are the only things I would back because apparently the developers are perceiving those as areas of weakness. I want this game to be as good as possible, it's been long enough since I had something new in this style to play that I can wait a few more months.
  13. Thanks for summing these up. A number of these certainly seem to play against my expectation but considering that expectation was based mainly on 2nd edition systems that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the classes (e.g. Barbarian) don't sound terribly exciting on paper but I'll wait and see how these play before making any judgments.
  14. I agree. Skyrim is the most definitive example of what modern RPGs are currently doing. The whole charm of kickstarter has been getting away from that nonsense and back to what made the late 90s-early 2000s cRPGs so good.
  15. The music in both trailers has been great and there's no reason to change if Obsidian wants to give Justin Bell the opportunity. I haven't read this whole thread but I couldn't believe it when I heard people nitpicking exactly where there should be a cymbal hit or a slightly different arrangement of notes in a 5 second excerpt when the trailer was first released. It's bizarre when people act like there's a specific way to do something that is very much up to the artists discretion.
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