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  1. Yeh that would be epic. Took a punt and brought the monitor home anyway - while its not perfect the fonts are significantly sharper in the current build for me than launch so I'm kind of chuffed by that. Guess the whining of the > 1920 crowd was listened to. Kind of amazing that any UI would be written with a raster fonts these days! I only write boring old business software and I know better than that I guess the limited budget of the kickstarter may have made it a bit of a trade off decision not to go with a vector-based solution. But one of the problems with older games like the BGEE etc is the scaling issues with modern monitors, and the clear and obvious trend from here to 2020 is rapidly increasing pixel counts and densities in consumer displays... anyway trldr; its better than it used to be so I no longer feel like I'm going blind.
  2. Hey I don't suppose IE mod does / can do anything about this? I have pretty good eyes, screen is big, and 2160 is only an extra 30%...
  3. I stopped playing a while back and I'm thinking of coming back to finish my campaign and start on the expansion, especially given the Steam sale! One of the things that was annoying was the text blurriness on high resolution displays. Anything other than 1920x1080 was just not crisp ... I think I spent as much time mucking about technically as playing! So ... before I bundle up my 2560 monitor to take home from work to play some PoE, will I regret it?
  4. You get exp for completing objectives, not for murderhobo'ing.
  5. There is an issue with overlevelling if you do lots of side quests etc. IMO, the best way to 'fix' it is to provide an asymptotic limit to the experience per Act. So say the developer thinks that you should be maximum level 5 when you complete Act 1. As characters approach level 5, the amount of experience the character receives per reward begins to reduce. Eventually, the reward drops to 0 as you close in on 9,999 XP. This way the dev team can work with a strong idea of core PC power at the start of each Act. Asymptotic limits are not exactly hard to implement from a dev perspective. Completionists can continue to do their thing - its not about gaming the system or overlevelling, its about seeing and doing everything, right? Its also a bit of a prod to get on with the main quest if you are dawdling and not pursuing content for the sake of it
  6. Suggestion time Neck slot: This is what we have now. Works exactly the same. Additional Cosmetic Neck slot - If an item is in the slot, it will be displayed on the character's avatar in preference to the above. No stats from the cosmetic item are ever used. Awesome Results: People who want visible cloaks can use them with a necklace item. People who want no cloaks (or hate the look of Cloak X) can hide them by equipping a trash necklace or different cloak in the cosmetic slot while keeping bonuses from the cloak. The amazing, astonishing Obsidian Order cloak can be displayed without gimping your character.
  7. Is there actually a way? I've tried to delete them but had no joy - I've settled for editing old notes. Double-click on the note (you'll get no feedback that you double-clicked, but its a necessary step iirc) then hit DEL on the keyboard. Told you it was intuitive
  8. The UI is telling you that the target where it currently stands is within the area of effect. Its not implying anything, you just assumed it was. Want some unintuitive UI to complain about? Try to work out how you delete Journal Notes and get back to me. Its certainly in no way a huge problem with combat.
  9. I just realised I could unbind pause, yeh? Is that in the controls setup (I'm at work atm)
  10. Random brain fart today. I wouldn't mind an option to completely prevent the game from pausing as a way to add some unusual challenge. I get that this style of play isn't mainstream and would probably be pretty hard even on Normal. I know that the choice to pause or not is my own but it would be nice to have an option to just make it impossible. Is this something difficult to implement in IE mod, maybe? I'm a 10-year professional (5-6 years in c#, previously c++) developer so have some coding background, is it hard to add mods?
  11. Well that's frustrating I can hear the ambient city sounds now. It may have been a hardware issue, I noticed this afternoon some crackling from my USB audio and I moved it to another port Let me know if you still want my save file and dxdiag, but I can certainly hear the chatter of the city now.
  12. Cool At work at the moment (Aussie so its only lunch here), will upload my save later today to a dropbox. Would a dxdiag dump be good enough for specs? Edit: might also FRAPS a short sequence so you can hear what I hear?
  13. I don't see it as a problem, personally. Pathing glitches aside (abusing pathing in an otherwise open area is a bit exploity imo) its not available everywhere and doorway choke points kind of feel like a CRPG and tabletop staple. I remember as a child late at night on my C64 coming up with the elite doorway strategy in Pool of Radiance to win that horde of orcs and hobgoblins fight on Sokal Keep. Enemy casters should probably be programmed to AE through the doorway (just like we do) and pick off backline characters with archery a little more in this situation. I remember one area after I dropped my Priest down to robes and archers started smashing him through the doorway. Made his positioning very difficult, was quite a challenging fight even with the doorway line holding. Unfortunately since then I stuck him in Scale and he hasn't been focused anywhere near as much Healers probably need some AI priority on Hard and above.
  14. Don't often have that problem. Day9 told me to drag select everything - including single units - a few years ago so I just do that these days
  15. I THINK this was an EE or mod thing. I may be wrong. But its useful and presumably easy to do. Rumours of a QoL patch in 1.05?
  16. You weren't there to stop them spilling into the courtyard I assume.
  17. Heya if you see this Mr Sound Man! I remember you talking in another thread where the ambient noise in cities was brought up, and the contrast between BG and PoE made. I remember BG having a 'background noise' similar to the sort of sound you hear in a convention hall I guess. Especially near the market area, lots of people talking in the background and the sound of criers plying their wares etc. In the thread in question, you said that there should be somewhat prominent city noises in PoE too, and there may be a bug. I specifically went looking for it last night (turning down music etc) and if it was there in my game it was VERY faint, essentially imperceptible, even at the marketplace in Copperlane. I heard a few birds chirp etc just fine, which made me feel like the Big City was more of a country township? Anyway love your work and just thought I'd put up a thread specifically about this as I can't find where it was being discussed elsewhere. Let me know if you see this and need a save file etc. Unfortunately my save is several megabytes now so I can'd add it to the post
  18. Was just thinking about this last night. I always right click to move anyway so this will be good for me You probably unbound it somehow. Select the first character, then hold Ctrl and hit 1. That should rebind it.
  19. See image below. This should be really straight forward, and hopefully a no brainer? When at a shop, the 'filters' just grey the items out a bit rather than .. filtering. This is inconsistent with the Stash behaviour. The Stash's filtering behaviour is useful. The Shop's behaviour is not. Shops have infinite gold reserves and never seem to clear out the crap you sell them so become cumbersome to navigate.
  20. I sure do see this posted a lot. Lots of people struggle with the early Wizard gameplay and find it dull. Personally I'm not in that camp but it might be worth looking into. At the moment there are talents to grant an extra spell per rest of lower level Wizard spells. It might remain within balance if these talents' extra cast was per encounter? IE: At level 4 Castette Fizgabbins can cast 4 level 1 and 3 level 2 spells per rest. If she takes the extra spell cast talent, she can then cast: 4+1 level one and 3 level 2 spells. Works just the same, but the +1 spell cast counter for the talent is per-encounter. So from rest if Gabby only casts 1 lvl 1 spell she's back to 5 at the end of the fight. If she casts 2, then she dips into her per-rest reserves and after the encounter has 4 level 1 spells to cast. Extra spell, minimum number of spells at the encounter start. Rings of Wizardry would probably have to still just give a per-rest extra spell though?
  21. Quote to agree harder than just a simple like. Obviously needs Brighthollow to unlock it though.
  22. I made this in response to what happened to the Sales thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75524-poe-sales-figures-steam/
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