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  1. sure!! and there will be a new kind of npc too, who will throw a piece of meat to the player and the player will drop his weapon and eat if he is playing as a xaurip without any companion around. and of course, the weapon he drop will be lost permanently
  2. 2h axe, katana, ammunition, throwing weapon, underwear(i mean those magic enchanted clothes and pants that your char can wear under amour, ok, this one is too much), i miss them all oh, and dont forget the 2h club, how could my barbarian char ever get a girlfriend without it? 1h club works fine usually, but those female orges are tough you know, and my barbarian has a special taste
  3. when i have a loading time issue, i tab out to browse this forum, it helps me a little on killing time
  4. i wish the enemy can be more organized. for example, when you r attacking raedrics hold, as one group of guards start to engage your men, they could also call the others guards near by, even they havent spotted you yet, so that your single encounter could be more challenging with a ration, and the player wont be able to use those filthy strategic anymore. AI should have more man power too, so that they could flank the player easier, and the flank penalty should include a percentage of total deflection with a minimum value, so say good bye to tank & big gun style.
  5. oh! it works!! its a miracle man!!! thank you!!!!!!
  6. this happens a lot to me: after given order to a char, i try to click other char to give the next order, but instead of successfully select the char i want to select, i miss click on the ground, which means the previous character i had just given order to now have a new order which is moving to the position i unfortunately miss clicked. that means i have to give the order to that char again. yes, i should be more careful, and now im use the hot key to toggle between those chars, but im thinking if its possible to make the right click as the moving click only, so next time if i miss click o
  7. if you already dont like this game, why force yourself to find a way to enjoy it? dont waste any more time. this is what i would say to myself when i bought a game finally turns out that i dont like it. some games appear to have figures which you r interested in, but after playing them, u found yourself not quite agree with the idea that the devs are trying to show you. its a kind of frustrated cause you probably spented money on it, o even waited for its release, but when you realize this game is not for you. just leave it, its the only way to help you from losing more things valuable. and i
  8. a male orge from a cave as the true god and the only god states: mig 99999 con 99999 dex 1 per 1 int -99999 res 1 ability: iroll20s, save/load, sur at 20, rage uninstall, report all
  9. so that someone could have something to criticize? might be more fun than just playing games
  10. you mean the in-combat stealth? otherwise dont know why bother. yet i do think the plate amour should bring some negative state to the stealth efficiency
  11. just wish they could add some portraits for the godlike. since my imaginations are used to convince myself that there is nothing strange to have a character totally naked while she does have her shoes on. unlike others races, the godlike don't seem able to change their haircut and the cut off their own horns should not be a pleasant option, that's spanish torro things, and even the dirtiest torero wont chop the whole horns, there should be at least something for that game. beside, the authorities of the raedric's court should not be pleased to realize some of their immigrants are using passpo
  12. your stronghold seems to have more buildings than Raedric's behind the wall, yet Raedric is still definitely richer than you. he can rise an army, while your watcher can only have 8 guards. maybe the security level means how many armed men you have o how well their equipment are, but they just refuse to join you when you decided to end raedric's rule maybe that chair is the real lord of caed nua, the old watcher already seen though it, so he locked himself up underground to avoid been manipulate by that chair, but the young watcher is still too naive to recognize the truth behind those words,
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