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  1. Well said on all fronts, and for Fenixp; the important distinction about my original post is that the quest compass is still available for those who dislike the feeling of being lost, who dislike thinking about what was said and locating or navigating themselves, etc. I'm not asking for the exclusion of a feature, but the inclusion of support for a method of gameplay that has deep roots in RPGs - namely Fallout, Arcanum, Bloodlines and Temple of Elemental Evil. All wonderful classics that still hold up today, made by Timothy Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, who - incidentally - are leading the development of The Outer Worlds.
  2. That's a funny comment, but really I don't think this boils down to competent vs incomponent. It's a deliberate decision that game makers must make in an age of quest compasses. There's been a few posts in this thread about how some games that feature a quest compass, such as Fallout: New Vegas, don't really support playing with it disabled because of the lack of description in quest logs and dialogue. Those things take time to write, so on one hand I can understand why game makers choose not to support quest compass-free gameplay. This is why I'm making a plea, in the hope that Cainarsky are aware that some of their players want to play this way - a way that ever player of Fallout 1 and 2 is accustomed to.
  3. As Tigranes and others have said, it seems as if most people writing replies didn't read my post. I'm not advocating for the removal of the quest compass, or even the option to disable it - I'm asking that quests be designed such that objectives can be reached and the quests completed without the use of the quest compass. This impacts how quest log entries and npc dialogue is written, which is why I didn't simply ask for the quest compass to be disabled. My request isn't based purely on preference either, which is why I enumerated the benefits that I perceive from implementation of the request. Is exactly why I made my original post. Characterizing my post as a request to disable 'hand holding' features, or remove the compass, or any of the other nonsense above is simply misleading.
  4. This is an Important Issue that People want to know about.
  5. I don't support them adding a third-person perspective (TPP) camera precisely because I think this is incorrect, and would require a significant amount of manpower to implement correctly. Manpower that would be better spent supporting core game systems and content. The assumptions that all actions available to the player will be used and thus animated and rigged such that they map perfectly onto CHARNAME's paperdoll avatar is naive, as is the assumption that all wearable items by the player will already have player-appropriate textures. Add to that the issue of clipping planes and z-fighting when dealing with multiple items sharing the same space on the player's body, I simply don't think your assumption is correct. If it was a freebie or easy, I expect they would do it. There's a not-insignificant amount of players who love playing dress-up in open world games with a TPP, and I'm sure they would enjoy capturing their purchase as well. OE, please spend your time on something else.
  6. TOW will have a quest compass, there is no question about that. The question is: will quests and NPC dialogue be written to support playing without quest waypoints and goals shown on the compass? Quest compasses are great for those that want them, but for a lot of players, we find it takes us out of the world. Quests and dialogue that are designed without a Quest Compass in mind do several things to pull you into the world more than if you're simply following a beacon. Playing a game designed without a Quest Compass *required* forces the player to do several things Use landmarks. The simple act of describing the location of a place or person in relation to other fixtures of a world makes the player build a mental model while they navigate it, and thus develop a deeper connection to the game world. Think navigating a city with google maps vs looking at the streets and buildings, it's a totally different experience. Search the environment. Sometimes a questgiver doesn't know exactly where person/place/mcguffin is, and describing it in a general area forces the player to explore, and in the process, become better aquainted with the nooks and crannies of the world they're playing in. Enjoy the world. Quite simply, having beacons placed all over the world make for an ugly aesthetic. Look at The Witcher 3 for some egregious examples of this. Less clutter and junk on the screen makes it easier to "get lost" in the experience. Think. OE has arguably built a reputation on making a "thinking xir's" game, and it is simply more rewarding to have to read details and work out the location of people places and things. All of the above requires quest goals and NPC dialogue to be written such that enough detail is provided to solve quests without the use of beacons and POI indicators. Think I'm kidding? Try playing Fallout: New Vegas with the compass disabled. I know, I tried to but there simply was not enough detail provided by NPCs and in the quest "log" to solve them. On the other hand, the recent release of ELEX does just what I've laid out about: the quest compass is optional, and quest log entries and NPC dialogue written such that you can complete all quests without the compass. I believe this was one of the factors that lead to players having such fond memories of old games such as Baldur's Gate and Fallout. The lack of a quest compass forced writers and quest designers to provide the detail that drew the player into the world, rather than plopping a PoI indicator on every quest objective. As an aside, I also hope that if there is a minimap, we can disable it, and if there are quest update popups and objective text on the main screen, we can disable them as well.
  7. This is intended. We use different resolution textures depending on minimum/maximum zoom level of the camera. Textures in paper doll need to be higher because the zoom level is increased. BAdler- Maybe you're looking at this the wrong way. Since the post above is showing the same zoom level, but dramatically different texture LoDs depending on clothing, maybe this is a bug that is causing high vRAM usage with a moderate amount of characters on the screen. Some of your clothing assets might not have the right LoD flags, or something is set incorrectly in the item file. If it's happening for party members, no reason why it couldn't happen for NPCs..
  8. Ok, but I think you could get very similar disk/memory footprints with higher quality audio files using the scheme I suggested. To AndreaColombo's point, an optional higher quality audio download (especially for the music) would be a nice option. Similar to the HD textures download Bethesday provided for Skyrim. If you separated your music from you VO/SFX, you could do batch conversions on each set. The music set would be 44.1 kHz with VBR and a high quality rating, the VO/SFX at 32 kHz with a medium quality VBR.
  9. Hey Justin, why not just use 44 kHz stereo VBR for the files with a large dynamic range (i.e. your music), and put that 16 kHz haircut in conjunction with VBR on the VO and other SFX?
  10. It sure as hell would be nice if QA dropped in and acknowledged these as problems.
  11. I'm on a mechanical 7200 rpm HD, and my save times are near instantaneous and load times are 10 - 15 seconds. I use rolling manual saves, always deleting the oldest and making a new save. I also periodically delete my quicksave / autosave, so that the quick/auto are fresh. I do this because of a BB bug reported. Someone mentioned that overwriting existing saves makes them load slower. I'm not sure if that's still the case, but ~10s for 2.5 mb saves doesn't seem bad. I also only keep 6 manual saves. Maybe my times would be worse if I had 380 saves.
  12. There's no replacement for knowing what the actual temperature is during operation, regardless of historical data. The OP's symptoms are classic GPU overheating or bad vRAM.
  13. It sounds like a GPU issue to me. What's the highest temp your GPU hits while playing PoE? Have you tried using OpenGL as the rendering API instead of DirectX? AFAIK, this is the easiest way to force OpenGL: http://sfx.thelazy.net/downloads/ (reshade + sweetfx, the topmost download. When it's installed, it'll force opengl rendering.)
  14. I don't think placing notes on the in-game area maps needs an introduction. Is this feature planned for the upcoming 1.05 patch, or any patch the the future? It would help players keep track of quest-giving NPCs, NPCs on maps and be a general quality of life improvement for the entire game. It sounds petty, but opening an in-game map and instantly seeing where you've marked NPC locations is much more intuitive than going to the journal and sorting/reading notes.
  15. Also, a druid shapeshifting into stag form will make a bee-line for the nearest enemy, every single time. This is with auto attack disabled, and the only command issued to the druid 'shapeshift'. I haven't tested it with other spirit forms. I do often note that Eder and other melee-focused companions switch targets, unprompted. Its highly annoying.
  16. I haven't noticed these slowdowns, and I don't have a cutting edge computer at all. i5-5500, 16 gb ram, AMD 6950 w/ 2 GB vRAM and the game on a mechanical HD. I kept the game running for hours and put my computer to sleep without closing it. When I woke it today, I was able to keep playing without any slowdown. I checked my ram usage and PoE was using ~750 MB. I'm not sure there's a memory leak, I wonder if those with slowdowns don't have enough ram? edit: FWIW, I play in borderless fullscreen windowed mode (-popupwindow). I wonder if that makes a difference.
  17. I think the contrast surprises a lot of people, but if we focus on a single issue, we're more likely to get a response. If you feel strongly about other missing features (named saves, stealth per character, etc) I encourage you to start a thread about it. I'll like your post and bump it!
  18. Hi. Please add the ability for us to add notes onto the local maps. That is all. -agris.
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