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  1. I missed the music and VO being variable mode, thanks for mentioning it. The lower bitrate on the VO makes sense now. Edit: Now that I think about it, does vorbis even have a CBR mode? I'm dumb @__@.
  2. I edited my post to try and avoid further confusion. I'm asking if they'll make the full range audio available instead of the current audio which is cut off at 16khz. As for the bitrate, I don't really have a problem with it but it's confusing as to why the commentary audio is 448kbps (with a cutoff at 14khz) and VOs are only 120kbps. *leans in* You're gonna have to speak up, sonny! It really is a weird choice, I thought we were past the days of gimped audio.
  3. The title is the problem. I double checked to make sure the patch wasn't the issue and it isn't. Is there any chance this could be remedied with a patch or making higher quality files available for download optionally? It would be nice if the bitrate could be bumped up as well, particularly on the VO audio. I'd rather have full range tracks and eat more space than not . Edit: I have the GOG version, if that's of any relevance.
  4. I think part of what made Baldur's Gate a truly great series was that moral decisions weren't shoved straight down your throat. I've seen people fault it for not really making you think about moral choices, and that it's straight cut. Not everything or everyone is a shade of gray and some people don't care one way or another how things go. In the end, you're on a personal quest to get some revenge and to stop someone from taking you out for their own plans. Then you're out to get your soul back, and finally to stop someone from using you to ascend to godhood. I think a good story goes a ways f
  5. An isometric fantasy RPG, with a party, of course! AD&D, 3, or 3.5 would be glorious for a setting and style. I may be alone in my thoughts on that. One never knows when Wizards will be prickly either.
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