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  1. Hmmm ... lot s of noises for nothing ... No offense, but as one voice over would have said : " You must gather your neurones before venturing forth" ...
  2. I have downloaded the game from GOG yesterday at 5 PM , and started to play around 6 PM. At some point I decided to have a break and make some coffee, then I discovered that the sun was rising and that it was 06 AM ... Last time I have experienced that kind of time warping was when I played Baldur s gate series ... Guys, you have made an incredible piece of Art !!!! Thanks for this !!
  3. Bonjour Bonjour ! You cannot imagine how diificult it is to cool down on a daily basis its own expectations while you seemed to have raise the bar; RPG-wise and art direction-wise; at a very very high level ...
  4. Amazing work ! The environments I have seen till now look so "alive" ,,, they gave me feeling that I have already been there before ... Hmmmm strange .
  5. The art is absolutely PURE ART !!! The dungeon seems to just appear from Clark Ashton Smith ´s Zothique ... BAM !
  6. Wow ...! The Art is just amazing ....! I love the STATs UI, and the environment shown above has so hyper realistic textures and colors !!! PS: By the way, I cannot access the backer page, I ended up with an error 403 : Forbidden ...
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