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  1. I found that the overall challenge of the game was good, but I do agree that some parts were way to easy in comparison to others. I also found that I was max level with still about 15-20% content left. That was a big disappointment.
  2. Guys this thread is now marked as Solved for the OP's original problem, however the Gilded Vale memory limit problem is still not solved. So we should re direct to my thread that is specifically about that problem to keep each other updated and help work towards a fix with Obsidian AND get out of the way of those who are just trying to fix the intro screen crash problem. Thanks to everyone in here for their help, please stay out of the thread I am linking if you do not have anything worth while to contribute. We understand that we are 32 bit users, they are out of date, not officially supported and all of that. Thank you very much for being so concerned about what OS we use, we really do appreciate it. I trust your concern is genuine with no pleasure derived from telling someone 'i told you so'. Thread mentioned here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71892-loading-screen-game-crash/
  3. This worked for me, hopefully it is just a temporary fix as altering our system at a risk to the user is not ideal for a video game! I trust Obsidian will come up with a solution. Hopefully the 64 bit trolls can stay out of this thread, we know we are running 32 bit, our systems are old we get it. Thanks for your interest and concern we don't need a reminder. Also re directing traffic here from the other game crash thread as it is marked as 'solved' now and this problem we are having is not yet solved. Thanks.
  4. I also do not have the font file in that folder, and am crashing at Gilded Vale not the start up screen.
  5. I have tried a lot of different combinations and I still can't get this to work. Any updates from the support staff?
  6. Also having this problem and a bunch of people in a thread I started as well: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71892-loading-screen-game-crash/ Intel Core 2 PCU 6700 @ 2.66 GHz 3 gigs of ram Windows Vista 32 bit AMD Radeon 6800 output_log.txt
  7. As long as your system can support it, you can upgrade to a 64 bit version of Windos Vista and onward for free, correct? That might be the best option. I've seen a few 64 bit users stating that they are crashing at the same part, but I would say 80% at least are 32 bit users with lots more 64 bit users claiming it works fine. Anyone have the step by step for re installing Windows 64 bit with the least amount of work/loss to files?
  8. I've read the Nvidia fix as well but not sure what the equivalent is for Radeon users? Mine is always a hard crash, as in the game shuts down and an error message pops up telling me where to go to find the log file. Exact same point every time, will load for about 5 seconds then crash on that screen. I've fiddled with so many settings now can't figure it out.
  9. Eurician just curious, what are your system specs? Are you trying to run a 32 bit OS as well? Will be good to find some sort of commonality for them to look at and solve it faster.
  10. Interestingly enough I watched my memory usage while trying to zone and I never get above 2 gigs actually used before it crashes. Unless there is something else going on somewhere I don't know about... it doesn't seem as though I am exceeding my memory usage. I can't be the only 32 bit user trying to run the game right now? The numbers I see are similar to what is in the report, around the 75% mark for memory use. Anyone else?
  11. Hrmm yes that may be the problem, this is the header from the error.log file. Weird that it loaded everything else almost seamlessly, and runs the game great.. must be a big jump in zone area to Gilded Vale I guess?
  12. FYI anyone trying to compare their game against mine, it runs the game very well. When the game works.. currently experiencing some crashing issues on loading screens.
  13. Hi, game has had a few random crashes, all of which have occurred during the loading screen. The first few times I was able to just re load the game and then it would be fine during the second loading attempt. However, trying to load from Valewood to Gilded Vale has produced a crash in every attempt. I have tried 7 or 8 times now. I tried fooling around with the resolution and some other misc. options, windowed mode etc, but nothing seems to have fixed it. I have attached the output_log.txt file below. If you require more information please direct me on what you need and how to submit it. Thanks. edit: System specs Intel Core 2 PCU 6700 @ 2.66 GHz 3 gigs of ram Windows Vista 32 bit AMD Radeon 6800 output_log.txt
  14. This is for NVDIA users? What would be the equivalent for Radeon users?
  15. I crashed once loading out of character creation, second time it worked. I then crashed changing zones, second time it worked. I've now crashed on 6 attempts in a row trying to zone into "Gilded Vale".
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