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  1. I have to agree with algroth. While it was annoying to be evil in BG (higher merchant prices,lose reputation even if nobody sees you committing the crime) D&D's underlying system was fundamentally flawed. The idea that anybody is inherently evil and does evil stuff just for the sake of it, no matter if you get something out of it, because your disposition requires it is stupid. Pillars has it right in that regard, you either care, don't care, or don't care and want to antagonize whoever you're talking to. That leads to dialogue options of 1-3 good ones, don't care and "edge lord". That's
  2. I'm currently waiting, but I have completed the game several times already. Anyway, shouldn't be long now.
  3. I always intend to in order to play optimally, but after a while the game is easily manageable with whatever group composition. Then I can't be bothered anymore. My vote goes to Tekehu, I think his story is more interesting than Xoti's. Maybe that is only because I never really cared what happens to that loony zealot. :shrug:
  4. You're right, though i always take devastating blow, too, for those sweet super high crits. Every later active ability is not really needed, gambit is disappointing, perplexing sap even is detrimental (stuff might hit you and YOU get confused).
  5. Just saw that retweet and had to think of the Avellone/Obsidian skirmish... Hm.
  6. Arcane Knight can reach crazy defenses, but for PotD (as it is right now, anyway) you dont need that. Anything with pala in it is fine. Herald is especially good in my opinion, because self heal+fire dmg+frost dmg+summons. Of the 3 you mentioned I'd say pala/wiz is best and fighter/priest worst.
  7. Josh said very often they would change PotD as well as Veteran so I assume it is already changed in the beta patch. I don't know for sure though since I have only played PotD in 1.1.
  8. Thats about authorship of the screenshot. If only the maker of the object could upload photo of an object, then there would be not many photos on wikipedia... Now this happened: "We could not determine whether this file is suitable for Wikimedia Commons. Please only upload photos that you took yourself with your camera, or see what else is acceptable. See the guide to make sure the file is acceptable and learn how to upload it on Wikimedia Commons."
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