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  1. Interested by the answer too. But some other Unity games (I tested with wasteland 2) are working with the 10041 build.
  2. So, is this the finale version of the main theme ? Except the part between 1:50 to 2:02 (sounds like Conan OST), I don't like it. Nothing in this theme express the epicness of starting an adventure. Will it be possible with mods to swap tracks between the old IE games and PoE ?
  3. BG's OST is probably my all time favorite video game music. A perfect balance of epicness and atmospheric music. So I'm logically very sad about the music of PoE. Everything in the game has the same feeling as an old BG, so I was expecting the same for the music. (For example, other "nostalgia-Kickstarted" projects like Planetary annihilation had a music similar to their ancestor). I can recognize some vibes of Morrowind, Lotr ost, Conan etc… in the music of PoE, which is a good source of inspiration, but not was I expected for this game. Maybe it could be an option to let the player provide his own music for this game and let him choice the music he prefer for a spiritual successor of BG. (or maybe Steam Music will help us for that :D)
  4. Agree with the OP about the music, it's doesn't sound as a spiritual successor of BG. It's lack of brass instruments.
  5. I'm agree with you guys, for the moment it's look really static. Maybe the contrast between static trees and the dynamic lighting system.
  6. I'm agree with you. I love how it looks now because it's exactly as it was in the infinity engine...but just small movements form the grass/trees will help a lot to give something less static.
  7. Maybe the camera could be zoomed out by default to get something closer to the old infinity games feeling and let the player zoom in if he prefers.
  8. This track remind me some elder scroll OST… but I prefer a something like BG2 OST : Epic and happy =) Even the calm moment in BG saga are more aerial than this track.
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