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  1. Actually I no longer think this is a bug by itself, I suspect I entered the manor earlier and triggered the hostile reaction. I've tried different older saves and there is indeed a moment after which the saves have a new journal entry about finding the manor entrance and imps are hostile after that.
  2. The water dragon helps in the scripted battle in Ondra's Mortar (the fire giants too, btw). I haven't seen the fire dragon after driving her out.
  3. That quest is tied to a future DLC. We'll see.
  4. It's an interesting fact that a lot of their content was cut, we can only wonder if it was for worse or if they should have cut even more.
  5. The problem is that this fact is completely ignored. Had the gods brushed it off or acted enigmatic, that's one thing, but for EVERY to act like there was never a time before the Engwithen's Wheel is ridiculous. it is a question only lead to more question why build the new wheel is the old one broke So the gods could eat the essence from it.
  6. They should play a different genre, or at least not a game with ~60hrs per completion.
  7. If you are not satisfied with some list of allowed options in a CRPG go play a TRPG.
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