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  1. Whenever KOTOR comes up between me and people at school, we always say we'd like to see a KOTOR movie. It'd be a way for Lucas Arts to revive their films from a new, fresh perspective look at a different era in the Star Wars Universe that hasn't already been tainted. <----(episode 1, 2, ewoks) :D "
  2. These aren't even the same GENRE OF GAME. While SA, Halo 2, and KOTOR 2 are all fantastic games you cannot compare them, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It's like he has no comprehension of what gaming is... It's like comparing a sports game to an RPG and than being disappointed that there is less of a plot in the sports game. Complete assanine. PS: Vice City > San Andreas... I'd take Scarface anyday over a bunch of white 10 year olds pretending they're gangsters.
  3. Well there are a couple ways you can look at it... here me out now. KOTORIII would be the third installment in the soon to be trilogy of KOTOR games. When people say they want bigger and more in-depth experience when it comes to the planets, no where have they said they want this over the amazing plot and sidestories that KOTOR provides in the past. I think why not?! Why not just have both and make it a great KOTOR. Now there are some flaws with that argument because.... some people would agree that the KOTOR series has always been small world experience, which, while small, still rema
  4. Eddo i've been reading your polls, and I think you should have that privilage removed <_< Just horrible ideas.
  5. Uhmmm the engine is fine... all games have things that make them diff. This is an RPG so it's more based on story and character progression, so that's where my vote goes. K2 didn't have as much meaning for me as K1. Also, as usual, fixxing up some bugs would be an added bonus. Edit: also in an RPG... graphics can mean **** all I still love playing the Chrono Trigger, Zelda, FF, SoM, Suiko1-4 and all the oldies. They're just great games.
  6. Off topic: Darth Drabek... your picture RULES!!! **Where's teh money Lebowski **
  7. Ha Ha! (w00t) Cool Exar... cool... and as I've said many times before, I am insane when it comes to classic RPG's. and yes, I own xenogears too " all though im playing like 10 RPG's ( including K2 ) so I haven't gotten around to playing it recently.
  8. Story Why else would anyone play a game with turn based combat??? That's just silly. Unless your a Pok
  9. There was a glitch and it double posted. Errrmmm thnx for two people posting the same thing above ^^ I JUST didn't get it the first time. and thnx for the tip about the prestige class, i met all the criteria cept for the last one too far in the game to get a prestige class now... time to start a second game!! HHHHHUuuuuuuu WWWAAaaaaaaaaa
  10. It puts me down when people criticize KOTOR2 to death... everyone acts like they're a critic. Enjoy the game! have some fun.... sheesh If a lot of you think you're better then the people at obsidian, then your wrong, because they are in the company and you are not. " When someone in this forum makes they're own game from scratch thats better then maybe I'll listen. Go play!!
  11. OK Long time no see, G's. I've beaten the game once or whatever, ( cept for the VERY VERY end ) and ermmm, not once did I get to distinguish what prestige class I wanted to take??? We've all been waiting a long time for this game and to choose one of the six classes. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong or why I didnt get to choose my class? I have force crush but I believe that is because i maxxed out my DS bar. PLZ N THNX... reply soon... if there is spoilers in your answer or something just cover it up or somethin
  12. I would say it's #2... because they are light weight.... and they don't emit light, because you can't slice someone in half with a flashlight.
  13. Hey I'm one of those people who thinks it's already great... Heck!! it comes out tomorrow!! Weeeeeeeeee Logic and reasoning already tells me that it's great. K1 was a great game K2 is an improvement upon the successes in K1 Therefor K2 can only be as equal or better But ye, you have a good point about people who are complaining about problems it'll have.
  14. Omfg, once again you PC users keep thinking that the Xbox version will be ****ty... and it won't be! The Xbox version is great and I rarely found a bug anyways. And wtf do you guys care if there is bugs on PC version?? You just gonna f'n mod it all day anyways... god... There is no downside to owning an Xbox. So stop talking **** about it. It's the best console out there right now, you should give it that. F'n pc ppl make me so mad with their f'n attitude.
  15. YES Swwwwwweeeeeeeeettt....... Always nice to meet a fan. Just for that I won't feed you to my rancor. ( Maybe ) It's funny when the rancor dies and the tubby beastmaster cries.
  16. " Leave?? I won't leave persay..... most likely I'll be so addicted to it I won't be able to leave the game and come on the forums. I'll prolly also stop going to school and eating... (w00t) Not intentionally of course
  17. PC Users: T3M4, you tell that slimy pice of worm wriggling filth to get no such pleasure from us, right? Thnx ^^ rofl I heart Xbox... nuff said BTW.... 2 days to KOTOR2?? What's that? huh huh?? THhaaaaaasssSssss Right... you got told, son... O well enjoy your boring icy december snow while I'm inside playing the best RPG.. "
  18. I think you're gravely mistaken dear friend. You'll be suffering through longer load times, poor framerates, and mediocre graphics. The option to mod the game will be unavailable to you. You will get no updates from xbox live. After a few months of playing you will bow before us wishing you had the patience to wait... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Once again I'll state that my opinion has been made obvious that I wouldn't Mod K1/2 because I appreciate the effort the developers put into the game enough to respect it and not change whats already good. As for load times, I hardly not
  19. Ninja Sith??? That sounds interesting. I wonder if they have pizza at the Star Wars galaxy... :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> NINJAS RULE.... go to realultimatepower.net and seizurerobots.com!!!! (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
  20. Yea you suckers will be sitting back crying for a month while us Xboxers enjoy the game for what it is... and not sitting around next to a keyboard eating cheese and modding a game that Obsidian has already worked so hard to develop. Good Work!
  21. Yea, with the force forms and stuff there is a real progression that you feel and see throughout KOTOR2... that is rare to find in a combat style.
  22. If starwars were real???????????? I'd be one of those dancing guys at the cantina playing the saxaphone!!!!!!!!! No, but seriously I'd be a Bounty Hunter/ Sith Assassin. All about the ninja baby!
  23. That's very well possible... I heard off one review or something a while back about someone spending 60 hours in one game. Being as Obsidian wanted to make lightsabres rare to give a more powerful and a respectful view on it, I could believe it could take a good quarter or so of the entire game to get one. It also depends on the fact that maybe the IGN reviewer went through many dialogue options in the beginning of the game to take up time.
  24. There are BETTER weather affects in K2.... as in darker clouds and storm animations... I don't think there is a shift between night and day because when you're using force powers such as master speed it would cause some problems with time delay. I really do hope we can upgrade speederbikes but I haven't heard much on it. **P.S. 213374U..... WTF is up with your sig... ahahahah (w00t)
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