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  1. Thanks for this. I just spent 3 hours rearranging everything (I had to reposition my CPU heatsink, remove the heatsinks from my RAM, and remove my WiFi card to fit my GPU in the 16x slot), but it worked! I now have constant 60fps even with "miscellaneous" on. Definitely worth it. You're a life-saver, Washfire! Haha very true in this case.
  2. Oops, it looks like I did this too. My motherboard has three slots: PCIe x4, x8, and x16. I had my GTX 1070 in the x4 slot and was getting 20-30 fps. I moved it to the PCIe x8 slot and now I get 40-60 fps with the "miscellaneous" setting on and 60fps with "miscellaneous" off. Do you max out your fps with "miscellaneous" on in the PCIe x16 slot? I ask because my GPU is blocked from using the x16 slot because it's so big and hits my CPU heatsink. I might have to tinker a bit or get a new heatsink... Side note: It's very funny that the GPU in the wrong slot only affected Pillars I, Tyranny, Torment, and Pillars II. I've played many very graphically intensively games and other unity games over the last 2 years in this configuration with zero problems.
  3. This didn't do anything for me unfortunately. The same thing goes for the windowed performance issue. I think that's a separate problem some are having.
  4. I get a problem like this as well using a GTX 1070. It happens when there are several NPCs on the screen for me (maybe >10). Frame rate goes from 40-60fps to 15-20fps. It's extremely distracting. Others are talking about it too: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98100-extremely-low-fps-on-high-powered-pc/
  5. I experienced this too, GPU is always at 100% when the game is running. I don't think my temps went above 40C, but I'll have to double-check. I disabled AA and it didn't do anything for me. I guess a GTX 1070 shouldn't have problems with any level of AA though
  6. I have the same problem with my setup. 12fps on ship fights, 20-30fps in town, etc. I found that disabling "miscellaneous" in the graphics options helps, but it's still far from ideal. Intel i7-2600K @ 4.0GHz (OC) or 3.4GHz (stock) 16GB RAM GeForce GTX 1070 Installed on 256GB SSD I already reported this to tech support, but I wanted to add my voice here as well.
  7. I'm getting this problem with both Pillars and Pillars II now. Pillars at ~30fps with more than couple characters on the screen and Pillars II at ~10fps during the first fight. Intel i7-2600K @3.4Ghz 16GB RAM GTX 1070 Edit: I should also mention that I used to have a GTX 550Ti and 8GB RAM on this same system and always had 60fps, no problems.
  8. I almost never post, but I wanted to mention that I liked the system from PoE 1 and would be disappointed if it was lost for the sequel. Perhaps if people like me (who rarely post) are coming out of the woodwork, it might mean that this poll is actually fairly accurate and not representative of a vocal minority. Hopefully Obsidian takes note
  9. Is this on any dev's radar? There seems to be confusion on whether there is even a bug or if the talent is just not very useful. Response? I can't imagine how no one in QA would notice, it's super obvious if there wasn't supposed to be a delay and disengagement attacks half the time.
  10. I played a druid for my pc and thought shapeshift was useful in high levels on hard. However, I did upgrade all the shapeshift relevant talents to up damage etc. I didn't vote btw, the poll question is ridiculous. The OP definitely has an agenda with such a biased poll.
  11. Good call. Like the OP mentions, I probably missed that thread because of the "English translation" thing. Funny way to say it as all the devs are native speakers as far as I know
  12. Anyone else see any obvious typos? I saw a humorous one during a loading screen today. It attempted to explain the concept of "disenagement" attacks. Maybe some of the older forum-goers might be interested to learn more...
  13. I've noticed that the druid spell incantations are much quieter than those of the priest, wizard, or chanter. Anyone else noticed this or is it just me? I can barely hear him while combat is happening. Is this intended or a bug?
  14. I think a walking option is pretty important. Gameplay footage kind of reminds me of Diablo (2) with the constant running, especially in town. Great game, but I don't think it really fits with an IE-like
  15. I rarely post here, but I just wanted to say this option would be very nice. Definitely lose some IE feels running around town all the time.
  16. Actually all of the BG incantations were real Latin. I know this because I took several semesters of useless trivia classes (I.e. Latin) in college
  17. This actually sounds like the best attempt at a revision I've seen so far. I wasn't quite convinced there was a problem with Might in the new attribute system, but yours sounds better on paper at least. Hopefully we get something more like this
  18. Got it. yeah, I don't actually have the beta so I guess I can't have too much of an opinion. If that is the case, hopefully they can just make the other attributes more powerful/useful and it'll work itself out. I'm hoping it will be possible to build a character with high dexterity, perception and/or resolve and hit enemies often for less damage and avoid being hit often yourself.
  19. I think intelligence was an example there. Dexterity is also important for hitting stuff, constitution for health, perception for preventing interruptions (which can now happen to fighters and other classes besides spellcasters I seem to recall), and resolve is important for saves. These all seem important for combat. So yes, given infinite skill points there would be a lot of homogeneity. Everyone would max out every attribute....
  20. Can someone make a .gif of this? It's sort of hard to notice. Here's magic missile. You can see the missiles come from ... behind his feet to put it nicely.
  21. Can someone make a .gif of this? It's sort of hard to notice. Here's the wand attack. You can see the projectile come from the character's feet.
  22. Oh, yea that is probably an animation issue? Saying that it was coming from the feet is being nice on one it look like he basically farted out a spell. Boogerman? former Interplay Yeah, hopefully we can avoid farting spells. I haven't played the Stick of Truth, but I'm sure there are enough present there for everyone
  23. I'm totally fine with spells coming from somewhere besides the wand, but it just looks like a mistake. Check out the twitch stream at 1:11:15. http://www.twitch.tv/archive/archive_popout?id=557643505&t=4373s This is literally the default wand attack and the projectile comes from his feet and not the wand
  24. Spells don't come out of wands AFAIK. Wands have their own attack. Think of wands like bows for mages. Iirc, its wands, staves and rods that allow the "Blast" (?) ability. Do spells come out of the grimoire or are they supposed to come out of the mages body because, soul power? I'd imagine it should look similar to BG where the mage sort of "pushes" it out. Like in BG there was that circle the mage/cleric seemed to move his hands around and then "shoot" the spell out. In the video I could have sworn I saw a 'hadoken' from the cleric but not much hand waving to speak of. Soul power and coming from the body would make sense to me. Actually looking more carefully, it looks like both magic missiles and standard mage attacks (stuff coming out of wand) come from the character's feet and then travel along the ground after the mage swings his wand. I hope this is simply an unpolished animation issue. Spells should come out of the wand because it's kind of misleading for the mage to swing his wand like a projectile is going to come out and then SURPRISE it magically comes out of his feet. Maybe one's soul resides in one's feet in PoE?
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