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  1. Searched but couldn't find this addressed before. I, like I imagine many, use the top of my laptop as a way to express myself and my fandom. A search yielded no solid results for Pillars fandom stickers. Anyone got any leads?
  2. We're all on the same team here. Team honest-to-eora, building-a-beautiful-story-driven-RPG-by-people-who-live-it-care-for-it-and-give-a-sh*t, aka team-obsidian. /love
  3. Found it at 4:36 on the final all day Twitch live stream. Honestly, I don't think he was harsh at all. Very honest and reasonable. I'm sure they have a tremendous amount of things to tackle and accomplish right now, and stretch goals being added, and multi-classing, and etc. etc. It's low on the list. If anything, he acknowledged that they know they can do it. If they get time or bandwidth. Also, the perception is that only a few passionate people want it (e.g. folks in this reply chain). Perhaps if we're able to either: (a) have another poll similar to during the beta of PoE1, or (b) hit $6M in post FIG backing Overall, thrilled for Pillars of Eternity 2 in general. And incredibly grateful for the team at Obsidian to involve us in the evolution of the game!
  4. Does anyone know at what time stamp in the "final hours" live stream they address the question?
  5. Don't despair, for those who are interested (sounds like more than we may have realized) let's just keep the conversation going. Seems like it's built into the engine clearly in scenes shown, it just hasn't been prioritized as an active toggle...yet
  6. +1 Joral, I hope the community manager takes note of this thread! Edit: there's also an AMA tomorrow at 12 PST I believe - so let's try again there!
  7. Huge, huge +1 support for Walk Toggle for PoE2. It makes an immense difference to immersion.
  8. If this was a pledge reward option, I'd genuinely consider it. Please, please make a walk toggle in Pillars 2~!
  9. Thanks for the reply - yes indeed the D key is handy for that. I actually meant that the default speed, where characters run about, is too fast for my liking. The NPCs seem capable of walking, but my PCs do not. I'd like the ability to have them walk like NPCs seem to be able to do. Thanks
  10. Is there any possibility of adding a walk/run toggle to the game? For my own roleplay style and immersion, I'd love to have a walk option. Tried to find an official stance on this in the forum, but could not. Thanks~!
  11. A little late and very brief, but I hope you enjoy Looking forward to taking this journey with all of you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_I-l-HSPQk&hl=en_GB&fs=1
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