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  1. I know I do. You're so sued Magena.
  2. Did you eat at McDonalds before you worked there? Did it kill you? That's my rationalization and I'm stickin' to it! EDIT: @ Visc
  3. Binary man! Binary! This should help. Punch the numbers in there.
  4. The reason women are generally paid less than men is because they take more days off statistically and men don't take maternity leave. Give all men paternity leave and I'll start feeling more sympathy for the cause.
  5. That's why it's so dang funny. If it was just what it appears it'd be a lame setup and punchline like in 90% of comic strips. The easter egg makes it awesome. :D
  6. You're just upset because you understood what the binary said.
  7. Commisar is clearly the winner of this topic thus far. It'll be fun to see the rebuttals from the European communists socialists wannabe socialists morons in the morning. Goodnight everyone.
  8. Nope, still can't think of one.
  9. I am trying to think of a way to put into words the blinding idiocy of the statement Kaftan just made.
  10. Don't we have basically the same thing in the US in the form of Affirmative Action laws? And Commisar, when you say you don't believe in women's rights, do you mean you don't believe in phony feminists who more or less want to be treated better than they're male counterparts or are you saying women voting is a bad thing. I think you meant the former, but you're going to get flamed pretty hard for throwing statements like that around if you don't clarify.
  11. I hated that bullets moved faster along with you when you flipped Celerity on. The moment they left the gun they should've moved the same speed as everything else. I may or may not have been bitter about this because I think it would be hilarious to aim at a baddie and shoot yourself.
  12. Fix'd! Have faith! I'm quite sure Fallowind will be a work of brilliance. And if it falls short of brilliance, well, I'm sure I can find some loose change in the couch to buy it with. OK, maybe it won't be so great, but I'm at least going to wait and see before I bury it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh man, I am pretty sure this is not intentional, but it is a hilarious pun regardless. Fallow defintion number two when used as an adjective is... "Characterized by inactivity."
  13. Are...are you trying to tell us something Weiser? I knew he was a furry!
  14. Would a Mac be harder or easier to tinker with than a notebook? Because, been there done that.
  15. Whatever you say boss. EDIT: Grr, page break.
  16. Visc, you bought Neverwinter Nights. More than once. What does that say about your preference when it comes to game masters?
  17. Teach you to order me to edit the thread title!
  18. Wah wah wah. Visc you need to quit kidding yourself. After you get your grubby hands on it and play it you'll be holding your mouth open wide and saying "Pleas sir may I have some more?"
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