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  1. Did some more research, thank God for Google, and apparently the leading theory is that he's of the planet Whill, due to an excerpt entitle The Journal of the Whillis in the original, 1976 Star Wars book. Have to do some more research. Here's the link to the FORUM I found it on. scroll down to the bottom of the thread. Yoda and Yaddle are an unknown for now..... Thread explaining just what the Journal of the Whillis is on this FORUM. I can't find anything more about them. Apparently, they're saying that because the prophecy that the one to bring balance to the Force came from The Journal of the Whillis, they're saying that quite possibly, this was prophecized by Yoda's people, and that makes him a Whillis of the planet Whill. We won't really know for sure unless George Lucas ever decides to tell where he's from. Now although it's highly unlikely....how many people do you think would buy KotOR 2 if the planet, and the species Yoda and Yaddle are was revealed in it.
  2. They're called Froglings and yeah, it would be rather kewl to include a Frogling world...though I doubt Lucas would allow it, considering that he's kept their origins secret, and there's only been one other Frogling in any of the movies. (Yaddle) Nevermind, it says in the Star Wars databank that there species it unknown. I was sure I heard someone call them a frogling though. Anyways, Yaddle
  3. Yes, that was in the PC version as well. The trick for the easter egg in the PC version, is you take a Jedi Master Robe, put it on bastila, then take it off and see what she looks like 'nekkid'. P.S. You would think that you would've checked the link in my sig RIGHT ABOVE YOUR FRICKING POST that has the five pages of cheats, but NO! Methinks it's time to up the font size. <_<
  4. Another quick question...if you're allowed to answer it. Will Dantooine be anything like the Dantooine Aftermath mod that was made....all rubble and crap? I doubt it would have grown to the point it was in The Courtship of Princess Leia, so I'm thinking maybe a slightly overgrown ruins type of thing? Maybe a couple of farms left? Or did they rebuild the Jedi Academy there after it was destroyed? Just curious....and you guys haven't said much yet, so I don't really expect a straight answer....but maybe a hint?
  5. I just want to settle once and for all....will there be cheats? Also, will you be releasing developers tools for KotOR 2? I mean, after the things that the gaming community did with the original, even when Bioware denied them tools and code that could have made their mods much better, and quicker to make....I think it's the least you can do to give us tools the second time around....at least I hope so. I mean, if the sequel is anywhere near as good as the original, you can bet that the community will mod it as well, tools or no tools.....it would just make it alot easier, and quicker, if we had the proper tools.
  6. Damn, I played it through fairly three times before I cheated. You people are stressin' too much. Almost all games have cheats, the original KotOR (at least for PC) had plethora of cheats; therefore it stands to logic that KotOR 2 probably will, and in all honesty, I hope it does. Will I use them before I've used up all of it's prior replayability (different alliances, sexes, etc.)....no, but the cheats made it worthwhile for me to play through it several more times before I even started on the mods. So don't go knockin' the cheats, if you don't like them, don't use them. For the rest of us that enjoy a good cheating after we've beaten the game, or even if we havent (gamers who lack skill, thumb eye coordination, etc. ), we should have our cheats. Nuff said. <_< P.S. I've played through the game at least nine times now, I lost count, and I haven't even tried all of the 'unofficial' mods yet. So yes, cheats do add quite a bit of replayability, simply for doing crazy stuff.....not to mention making an uberjedi with a hex editor, yes, I did that too, and it was damned fun. Lots of stuff you can do with KotOR, but significantly less with cheats. An excellent mod for getting unlimited amounts of special items, for those who like that kind of thing, it the Holowan Emporium. Overall though, I have to say that the cheats I used the most were the allignment cheats...but once again, after I'd beaten the game three times.
  7. The site that the KotOR cheats in my sig is better than GameFAQs. GameFAQs, while they mentioned that there were many more than they listed, didn't tell you all of them in the handy guide that my sig links to. It also has more cheats for any game than GameFAQs....except perhaps for old skool console games. <_< www.dlh.net It comes in Ingles and German flavors.
  8. I know, she didn't even have ink like most of the little 14 year old britney spears wannabes I see at the malls. What malls are you hanging out at?!! :ph34r: **rocks slowly back and forth saying "Sheeeeeelter, sheeeeeeeelter"**
  9. **thinks of speaking....thinks better of it....decides to anyway** Doesn't anyone realize that Twi'leks might age a tad bit different than humans? Mission sure didn't LOOK fourteen. And I wouldn't want squirting nipples, but a pokie or two here or there might be nice... <_< < evil grin >
  10. Yeah I asked back on the Bioware boards too - I also remember a Dev answering the question lol. D00d, that was in KotOR, or something very similar to it at least....*cougheastereggcough*
  11. Just read that someone was looking for KotOR mod sites, CLICK HERE. Best third party modding forums for KotOR, while they don't host the mods, they have links to offsite servers, mostly the makers personal pages, where they're hosted. There's even a lesbian romance one floating around somewhere...
  12. D00d, there's like 5 pages of cheats for the PC version in .txt format, including some items that aren't available anywhere in the game that NPCs hold, but you can't get. Plus there's Bastila's 'naughty' underwear. You just have to know your stuff, do some slight editing of the game files, and have a good source... <_< TeH LinKitY LinK P.S. This the THE BEST source for CHEATS on the web that I've found, better than GameFAQs, better than Cheat Planet. For walkthroughs/FAQs GameFAQs is still superior though. Happy Cheating, JT <EDIT> I didn't use these until after I dompleted the game, an interesting thing you can do with these console cheats though, is play as a lightsider with a dark alignment. i.e. playing making all lightside decisions, while having darkside portrait and bonuses. This was built in by Bioware, as it's an actual console, so no complaining. </EDIT>
  13. Will Trask be in KotOR 2? I was really hoping that he'd be a Dark Jedi so I could kill his gay ass.
  14. I came from the Bioboards right after it was announced that Obsidian had been given the KotOR 2 project, unoficially of course, and waaaaay before The Sith Lords was announced. I just haven't posted much.
  15. I think the potential for force adept characters is really cool. Though assuming that this follows along with the other Star Wars lit, etc., they wouldn't be Jedi. It would be like a party member who has some sort of feat that grants them extremely good luck in battle, or always wins their business deals. What would be even sweeter is if HK47 was a force adept. I seem to remember reading about a machine that was able to manipulate the force somewhere, but it only happens to the machines that have practically taken on their own sentience, which I believe HK has. They'd better bring him back for this game, I'll be sad if they don't. He was my favorite character, plus he would IMO make the most sense to bring back out of anyone.
  16. Free flowing randomized storylines. In other words, I want something that has several different storylines that come together with the sh*t hitting the fan somewhere in the middle, and being resolved by the end. B) While at the same time have the several different storylines so there'll be alot of replayability.
  17. Oooh, ooh, what is that? A geometrical line?!! Sure, I'll bite. :D
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