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  1. If you have the option to play either gender, the game should reflect it. I completely agree with you on that point. The funny thing is I actually got a bug very recently with one of my areas where I slipped and didn't include a case for the female. Oopsie, it happens. I fixed it, of course, but I thought the timing of this thread was amusing. Perhaps Grinder wrote the bug in question and is now poking fun at me. How cruel. -Ferret Seems like it was perfect timing then.. And as for the bug, I guess I have to be more careful in the future when I'm sneaking around in the Obsidi
  2. Heh.. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who calculates the $/h ratio.. But however if it's short but really sweet I'd much rather get that game then a game that's long and boring.. But $/h plays a big part in making me decide between 2 games.
  3. IMHO KotOR was a little too short. But the game was very well done so you didn't really notice that it was quite short. But 50h without any optional quests are what they should aim for in KotOR2 and perhaps 70-80h (wishful thinking) with those quests + with the changes when playing light side/dark side then it would offer many sleepless nights if it was that long.. :D
  4. KotOR did manage to handle genders quite well, just a few mistakes.. But as you said, it's a mortal failing and mistakes will always happen so it's nothing to complain about.. But however, there's waaay too many games that have the exactly same dialogue all the time no matter what gender you're playing and therefore it feels kinda wrong when you're being called he all the time even though you're playing a female.. Then there's no point playing both genders.. But anyway, you're not at fault for those dialogues but I just wanted to point it out.. Good luck on the bug detecting..
  5. "Endless he?" What are you talking about? KOTOR actually did very well with the gender pronoun thing. Far better than most games with variable gendered characters. I know of only two instances when the player character or Revan are referred to as "he" while playing a female. One of them can be chalked up to the ignorance of the character (Canderous). Since Revan wore that cloak and helmet, Canderous could have just assumed Revan was male. Obviously he hadn't actually met Revan before. The other is during the torture scene on the Leviathan, if you cave in, Saul will refer to you as a he
  6. When did this happen in KotOR? My impression is that you're hardly ever referred to in the third person, and Revan's gender isn't mentioned until you know it. Examples, please. Hmm.. I don't remember exactly when it happened, must be that my sub conciousness have erased it from my memory so that my favourite rpg would have less flaws.. but it happened a few times when I played a female dark jedi..
  7. One thing that needs to be fixed in Sith Lords is when you play as a female character and everyone refers to you as "he", isn't it possible to change the dialogues when playing female so that everyone says "she" instead? I usually play through the game with both male and female characters and I've always been very annoyed by the endless HE....
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