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  1. :D It was apparent I was joking wasn't it?
  2. And yet you've bought every single one of Troika's games like a junkie needing a fix. Who's the idiot? I won't even go into how many of Bio's games you've purchased after complaining how much they suck.
  3. +100 points to Sur for being awesome.
  4. Steve, were you born a total pansy or did you have to get a Liberal Arts degree first?
  5. Well there's Thin Bloods and there's thin blood. I'm not even sure if you can play a Thin Blood, but IIRC all playing a vamp with a lower generation meant was it took more experience points for some things. On the other hand you're less likely to be diablerized.
  6. Yes, but it went with his backstory you see.
  7. Everyone here realizes America wouldn't be able to bitch about the French today if they hadn't bailed us out during the Revolutionary War right? I mean sure it was just to stab a knife in the back of the Brits, but still.
  8. Hm, could I say, import Father John Cruz into Requiem? (For those who weren't in on the Obsidian Vamp game, Father John Cruz was a thirteenth generation Caitiff, possibly sired by a Malk, with level four Obfuscate and True Faith.)
  9. Woo! I'm homophobic because I don't want guys coming onto me! Note that it has happened and I took it as a compliment, if only I was that popular with the ladies.
  10. Really I just wanted to use the phrase 'run down by an angry mob of homosexuals' once in my life. Now I am complete.
  11. -things that suck threads -electronic pests
  12. Eff that noise. GLAAD needs to save this **** for when someone actually says something prejudiced. On the other hand, is the movie actually any good or is it just getting strong reviews because the critics are worried about being run down by an angry mob of homosexuals?
  13. Codexers are stalking Magical Volo?! :ph34r:
  14. Speak for yourself, I'm immortal.
  15. Mafia, Torment, and KotOR. KotOR romance wasn't all that great though. Mafia actually did have a sex cutscene, but it was in a decent, toned down romantic way.
  16. I don't particularly like him, but I respect the power he holds and the potential to ban me.
  17. It's a combination of sploitz and XP Farming.
  18. Is there ever a reason to do anything fun besides "OMG I'm roleplaying a psycho!"?
  19. I didn't know you all cared so much. :'( I just like being a punk on the internet.
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