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  1. Fight Fire With Fire - Metallica Not their best, but a fast, very metal track. Guitar riffs in it sound complicated as all hell to play but I wouldn't know as I'm not a guitarist.
  2. Well, I eat enough I get yelled at for eating all the food in the house on a regular basis by my family, espcially my sister, who gains weight constantly unless she eats the bare minimum and exercises regularly. Poor dear. I do have to admit I don't sleep much. Ten hours a day at the most, often times it's closer to four to six. I'm sure I'm burning up extra calories because of that, most of what time I'm not eating (that would be the wee hours of the night). Sometimes I don't even sleep for two days (the nights after which would be when I sleep for ten hours). My health is pretty good to my knowledge. I have no known disorders, other than being in incurable doofus, they said I was bi-polar for awhile, and the pills were what made me gain the extra weight I still carry, and gain it fast. I have stretch marks on my stomach, thighs, chest, and biceps that prove it. Directly after I took myself off them* I was still walking all over town a lot as a result of the Independant Studies courses I was taking and I dropped some good fifty pounds of fat in a three months. Gained and built muscle in the P.E. classes there. I also hit a growth spurt during which I grew a good six inches which obviously used up even more energy than normal. Still keep losing weight but only at a rate of probably several pounds ever few months. Which is okay because unless I shed my clothes the weight I'm carrying is unremarkable, and I'm fuggin' lazy. Last time my pulse was checked it was below normal (meaning my heart is pumping more efficiently than most) and while I'm in conditions that would put most people under stress (very dysfunctional family) I've come to thrive on it. So no, not exaggerating. Only thing I can figure is between my warped metabolism and gigantic out of proportion feet and forearms to my short stature I'm some sort of mutant. That or parasites, but I've done nothing that I would have picked them up from. *Every time I went into the shrink he insisted I needed them, as did my family, when I took myself off using instructions to taper the dosages from the interwebs. It was a stupid thing to do, but I digress, no one even noticed a change in my behaviour, even though they yelled at me for cutting myself off when it came out. Later my dad, who yelled at me the most, did the same thing with his anti-depressants a few months later, which made his blood pressure shoot up so bad his face would turn red and he'd go lightheaded, after that he got back on them. Hilarity.
  3. I mostly sit in front of the computer or the TV, and constantly overeat. My diet consists primarily of carbs, mostly the bad kind. I snack often, and dinner generally dinner consists of meat and a pasta or potatoe dish with some sort of vegetable. I still lose weight weekly, and continue to. In the eventuality that the weight I gained when I was pumped full of happy pills all drops, I don't know what I'm going to do to keep from starving.
  4. Oh, I doubt it'll be enforced about...never. But still. I almost want to change my username to my overly long and formal sounding legal name just for satire's sake.
  5. Better to be a geek than a nerd. Nerdy McNerdpants. You really want to get into this now? I think you're forgetting who reigned triumphant in our last encounter.
  6. It's too late for me, my name will be James Thomas Griffith III everywhere. Save yourselves before it's too late rest of the world!
  7. We're all in big trouble. This basically means we have to worry about n00bs suing us guys.
  8. Manga is for nerds. Also they cost lots of money. Only reason I've seen the cartoons is because I live with the folks for now and they have fancy sattellite TV.
  9. Bateu isn't fully cyberized, just his eyes, brain, and maybe a couple other bits. The Major is a full cyborg, it's anyone's guess as to how old she is.
  10. I believe that happens when the curse of Caine manifests itself differently, resulting in a vampire with different aspects. Not sure though.
  11. Yeah, older vamp dies. No one wants to diablerize a high gen vamp because they're weak. Blood bond is a little bit of one vamp's blood is either given to another vamp or a mortal. The once and it can be broken fairly easy, twice and it'll be harder, but it can still be broken, three times and you're looking at withdrawal symptoms that might kill you. This is all IIRC I don't have a rulebook sitting in front of me.
  12. It's worth P2Ping even if only to get a taste for their music. I won't tell.
  13. Also, last post was Tales of a Scorched Earth, now it's Thru the Eyes of Ruby, both by the Pumpkins. I'd edit but that little 'edited by' text really bugs me.
  14. A longtime friend and coworker have a similar pact. When one or the other of us check out eventually we both know what songs have to be played at our funerals. His song is 'silent lucidity' by Queensryche. Right now I'm listening to 'Because The Night' by Bruce Springsteen. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'd almost lean toward Nihil by Tiamat, but Fade to Black is more event appropriate. Also, assuming I'm married when I buy the farm, it'd prob'ly be kind of disrespectful to my wife. With a little beauty in my bed, I still wish that I was dead. You know.
  15. Same here, past the age of thirteen or so my punishments were doled out in the form of the consequences of my own actions. Worked a helluva lot better than grounding, though sometimes I wish the consequenced weren't quite so bad. Then again, a lesson learned well before you're an adult is worth the drawbacks.
  16. That song will be played at my memorial service if my wishes are respected. Bodies - Smashing Pumpkins
  17. That and a low generation vamp is much more likely to be a target for diablerie. I'll stick with high gens plzthx.
  18. I'm just gonna wait for somone else to do the deductions this time. I wouldn't wanna hog all the fun.
  19. Don't be knockin' what he's sayin' just 'cause he has no kids Eldar. Sound advice, though it's harder to apply than one would think. I speak from the receiving end here.
  20. Jet on Cowboy Bebop. I think Spike's over 25 maybe, but I'm not sure.
  21. -500 from Mothie for being an idiot again. You haven't been reading my posts consistently if you think that was me losing it. Also, you haven't really learned that every time you try to reward or take points you are the one that loses. Some people.
  22. -200 pts for CoF for abandoning everything he stood for and playing suck-up. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You think I give a goddamn about your rating system? What I stand for is doing whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want. The day I bow down to what someone else wants me to do is the day I get a job. Because, you know, it's really hard to do whatever you want when you have no money!
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