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  1. Soft classes are a thing, yes. Just look at Oblivion or Morrowind, and compare with Arena.
  2. Non-party first person RPGs that has classes? Elder Scrolls I to IV, although they became less important as the series progressed (with Skyrim outright removing them being the culmination of that trend). Remains to be seen if Avowed will have classes, of course.
  3. Eh, I don't think there's anything here that can't be addressed before the end of the year. Voice acting, polish, they've got time for that. It's only March, it's not like the game is coming out in two months. August 6, so just over four months. Well, for most of the audience (declaring console to be the primary demographic for The Outer Worlds may be premature, but between console, EGS and the Microsoft Store, that's going to be most people buying it).
  4. Disappointing. I can only hope the Epic Store does poorly enough that Epic decides their exclusivity spree isn't working as a strategy to undermine Steam. Too late for the Outer Worlds, of course.
  5. Well, it is supposed to tease, not inform. That's what trailers are for.
  6. I think with me it is not that I am not intrigued by Rekke, but that I am intrigued by him in a sequel sort of way where his hook into the main story can be exploited more fully, while Ydwin is intriguing in a Deadfire sort of way as what is set up about her feels more tied to Deadfire's story specifically.
  7. A more detailed background creator, with less implicit spoilers about what won't be used and less guessing about which available option is the closest to the one you picked in that PoE1 you'd want to import except for a few other decisions.
  8. The first DLC for sale was scheduled for July last we heard (they are estimates, but the first DLC is likely to be the most reliable estimate). The second free DLC was scheduled for this week last we heard (eg. in the update this thread is about).
  9. To the world, the important thing would have been happened as a result of her decision. But to the companion, the important thing would have been what happened to them, and dismissing it as "which cult she happened to be hooked up with" seems reductive at best when she doesn't even mention the organization she was supposed to have joined up with.
  10. the only thing i came up with was that the ancient huana had their own god Ngati (whatever it was, maybe something akin to a supped-up water dragon or something similar), and perhaps it died with ukaizo, and ondra only took the name for some reason? though that still doesn't make much sense, i admit. Interpretatio graeca does not seem unlikely to have been a tool both for the Engwithans and the new gods themselves to spread belief in the Engwithan gods, so Ondra assuming the guise of a pre-existing huana goddess called Ngati appears perfectly reasonable. That said, it is my understanding that the Engwithans created their missionary effort to spread the faith in their gods after they had created them and hence it is not an inconsistency for gods to have acted in areas prior to the Engwithans reaching them (if not by a large margin, in terms of generations), and that the Ionni Brathr cataclysm occurred after the Engwithans had spread their faith across known Eora, eg. significantly after the creation of the gods, and even the Engwithans reaching Ukaizo.
  11. I wonder how different the results would have been if the poll had separated "in a future Pillars game" and "in DLC" as individual questions? I know I would have voted for Rekke for a sequel, but went for Ydwin in the poll since Deadfire DLC are closer at hand.
  12. To be honest, if the price tag isn't set too high (and 25$ is not too high from my personal perspective) I'd totally buy a DLC specifically to make Ydwin a proper full companion. I say Ydwin as the hooks of Konstanten, Fassina and Mirke don't interest me as much, and Rekke is much too much future Pillars game fodder.
  13. The problem seems less "the game lets you do other things!" (that is a core aspect of this kind of game, and that movies or books are not structured that way does not mean it is a flaw for games) than "the main quest doesn't have a good 'breathing point' where it makes sense to go off and do other things".
  14. I wonder when we'll be hearing more of the next free DLC. This update seemed to indicate they were planning to put it out next week (from this week, not when they posted it), and they announced Rum Runner's Pack a bit more than a week before its release.
  15. No, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is. Closely followed by Heroes of Might and Magic 2. And no that is not only my personal, subjective opinion but also known, objective, fact. Deal with it. Well, Heroes of Might & Magic was originally conceived as combining the strategic gameplay of King's Bounty with Might & Magic, a roleplaying game series...
  16. I will admit that I find it odd that Wizard/Cipher is Hierophant and Wizard/Priest is Thaumaturge rather than the other way around - hierophant seems so very... priestly a term.
  17. Got a soulbound scepter from the new stronghold task and found a soulbound crossbow at the new merchant in Stalwart.
  18. We aren't idiots. I've restarted Steam multiple times, and even restarted the whole computer once. No, of course I don't think you are idiots, I meant do it again as BAdler seems to have made something change on their side in the last few minutes.
  19. Try restarting Steam. There was a response in the thread over in Announcements, and after I restarted Steam Part II got added and began downloading.
  20. It seems to work. Part II is listed (albeit as not installed) and a new 1.8 gb download is beginning.
  21. Is anyone else seeing this issue? It should show in your game's DLC. All backers got the equivalent of the Expansion Pass. It seems to be so for me as well. Backer portal says Part II will come automatically, Steam says Part II is unowned.
  22. Based on the statements made by Beamdog developers, actual new games probably have to be based on the latest editions, but Siege of Dragonspear is a Throne of Bhaal-style expansion, technically, and therefore gets to use the edition of the base game.
  23. They could extend it with US territories. That'd get them at least five more games, maybe sixteen depending on how you count.
  24. I see no reason to think otherwise. It's how we were given the GOG and Steam keys for the base game. I can't see any reason they would do it differently for the expansion - especially since there's an entry in the Products tab for the expansion if you pledged at that level. An entry that they altered in the last few days to show the White March logo, say it is coming on August 25th and give a short summary of what the expansion will add, so I expect so. I am a bit more wondering how they will handle Part II when that comes, though - will it be able to use the same tab to add a new redemption code, could a new tab be added to Products, or will Obsidian have to use some other workaround? Still, that is months into the future.
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