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  1. He has done it countless times so far. So i'm done for the night. I do auto save quite often. So not all is lost! loving the game so far. Minus a few bugs.... Drakes won't attack sometimes, but that's probably a good thing... Time to remap those keys!
  2. I love it. No quest markers..thank you!! That thought didn't even cross my mind wether they would or would not be in PoE.
  3. Orlan rogue! Will play all though no doubt. Second will be a human Druid.
  4. Filcos are pretty good. They are on Amazon.Leopolds aren't bad either they are around 90 on elitekeyboards.com I prefer the filcos though. Filco majestoutch 2 tenkeyless. As far as keycaps, geekhack has groupbuys from time to time. You can also check signatureplastics.com
  5. That Dark Elf from NWN. or like Aeris! But I prefer a neutral character. One who is by my side 100% but still questions my actions. Leferd Thanks for that video man! Also JFSOCC - I love your sig, so right.
  6. Ergodox maybe. I use a Filco Tenkeyless. With a Leopold Numpad. https://www.massdrop.com/ext/ergodox/assembly.php And thank you for the Junkyard info!
  7. Hey all, I just wanted to direct anyone interested in mechanical KB's to this forum/community. http://geekhack.org/ I myself am a keyboard wh0re and can't have enough keysets/KB's. There is also a lot of good info on Mice or any peripherals you can imagine. (Check out the groupbuy section) ...Maybe one day we can get a POE key set made Please delete if this is against forum rules. Can't wait!!! Cafiend/catspwnme/lgraves (BF4)
  8. This! I have in the last 2 weeks tried to play Simcity ..again. Skyrim and back and forth from BF4 - which i hate now. It is not BF2 so I need to move on. I really liked Elemental heroes/enchantress. That has probably been the hidden gem of this last year for me. Have been eyeing Planetary Annihilation. Any reports on that? Most of the games I want are "Early Access" I haven't touched a console since Tekken 2,FFT,FF7 and Twisted Metal 2 =p
  9. I am buying this tomorrow, Or should I? It looks pretty cool. Was watching the gameplay intro on steam last night. Edit - Is there combat in this? It just looked like city building,which is fine. Just curious.
  10. Same. Just started Skyrim 2 weeks ago. I like it but, it's not holding my attention...IMO I think its linear. I prefer top down RPG's though. Love Bethesda (in MD!) but I just can't get into the first person type of RPG's.
  11. Very interesting points here. All I know, is in full plate I would get struck by lighting in Buldar's Gate I'm curious if we will see "holy" damage.
  12. ^ same. If it helps developers (which I never thought of!) then i'm all for it. But I think they take away from the experience of a game. Maybe in different game modes or something, but I would'nt mind NOT seeing them
  13. I agree with a cap. If there is one or not, that is okay with me. A cap, in my gaming style, will actually help guide me in certain ways.
  14. This needs to be the new standard for state of the union addresses! Thank you for the update. Me and my cats are getting excited!
  15. Even those drawings get me excited! I love that building in the first pic.
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