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  1. I really doubt any of those metacritic zeroes actually bought the game.
  2. No, Soviet Russia lives in you!
  3. ^^ That's sort of my impression of DoubleFine Kickstarter. In comparison inXile and Obsidian had their projects better prepared before going to KS so they do at least give off an appearance of a higher degree of competence in managing the business side of things, and I'm fairly certain it's not just appearance.
  4. Playing Icewind Dale 2. Nothing like going through the frozen north in the middle of the summer.
  5. BG2 felt like a story with a bunch of side-stories. BG1 felt like a 'world'. If those wilderness areas were more tightly packed with content it would have felt more like BG2. Both are awesomely great, so it really comes down to which do you prefer: storytelling or exploring. I prefer BG1 myself.
  6. This has no basis in reality. Here's a random pick of titles you can find on the shelves: Crazy Chicken Soccer Focus Hotbarels Clay Pidgeon Shooting iFluid I doubt anyone ever expected those to sell a 100,000 copies, let alone a few million...
  7. It's the apocalypse today. So just the right time to play some Fallout 2 obviously.
  8. This is just about the sleaziest thing Interplay could have done. As if resurrecting the Black Isle name(which they themselves ruined and buried) and trying to hitch onto the recent success of people they fired(or otherwise forced to leave) wasn't creepy enough. But now they're asking people to give them money for forums access and the off-chance of a possibility that they might come up with an idea for something... Seriously? They've got jack squat except rights to a name, they don't have the faith to put up any money themselves, yet they expect us to trust them and shower th
  9. "The Game Formerly Known as Project Eternity" should do in a pinch
  10. Baldur's Gate trilogy. Dealt with Yaga-Shura, and entered Watcher's keep.
  11. The game is funded, they don't need to recoup any costs, any copy sold is pure profit, so why abandon a still valid avenue of reaching customers? Games that are far more niche and expect to sell far more copies still sell retail. They're making the boxes anyway, it's always cheaper to make them in bulk. And I doubt it would be hard to find a publisher, given that it's the most funded game on KS, and therefore a fair amount of free publicity on it already exists.
  12. Well he said that BGIII depends on the response to EE's of I and II, and so far that has been somewhat underwhelming.
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