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  1. Yeah, they've added a few in recent patches, and some are Adventure or even Scenario specific. I don't have time at the moment to go digging through the app to find them all, but if anyone has a complete list to share, I'd be happy to add it to the OP.
  2. A very welcome addition. Having to open fire up a calculator for rolls too important to eyeball was bothersome.
  3. Hate to break it to you folks, but this feature already exists in the game. You can easily store excess cards on characters you're not using. This just makes the process of moving those cards between characters significantly less tedious, and I'm all for that.
  4. This game is legion with trash cards. There are downgrades and side-grades bursting from every adventure and expansion deck. And from their ranks, you pluck Scry—a serious contender for the best spell in the game—as the prime example? I mean, I know other folks have already said it, but man. No. Just, no.
  5. Harsk isn't awful, but anything he can do someone else does better. His scouting trait is worse than Seelah or Merisiel's, Ezren provides better combat support, and Amiri is the go-to for stomping villains. So yeah, he's not dead weight, but he is the seventh or eighth best character in a game with a party limit of six.
  6. While they often get compared against one and another, Ezren and Seoni fill pretty different roles. She's one of the best rapid explores, and he's the best combat support character. Seoni's mix of blessings, allies, and her always on-hand Blast ability let her ravage location decks. Meanwhile, Ezren's massive hand size means he's always going to have another Wand of Innovation, Swipe, Cloud, or Orb, or something to throw at a combat check. Of course, the correct answer to which is better is simple: take both. After Seelah and Amiri, they'd be my top picks for any legendary party. If you're building a six-man, I'd call those four close to a lock, with only the last to spots being flexible based on preference.
  7. Sajan doesn't come along to fight people. He comes along to muleback a crapton of blessings and items. He'll rarely get more than one or two explores per turn, but he's the best all-arounder there is when it comes to helping other characters who're stuck in a bad spot. Anyhoo, assuming we're talking legendary... Tier 1 (Essential): Seelah Tier 2 (Optimal): Amiri, Ezren, Harsk, Lini, Merisiel, Sajan, Seoni Tier 3 (Sub-optimal): Kyra, Lem, Valeros
  8. I feel a little bad saying this, as I do think this is a good game that the developers deserve compensation for, but Treasure Chests are mostly not worth it. A handful of the cards are quite solid. Stuff like Shock Glaive or Greater Aid jump to mind as high-quality standouts, but those are the exception. The vast majority of them, even of epic and legendary rarity, are merely on par with the adventure cards. Many are even worse. Whether this was unintentional or by design, it is a good thing because it means a lot of the best cards aren't behind a f2p wall. As others have said, unlock characters or adventures, and leave the chests until you're out of other stuff to buy.
  9. Both good ideas, though I think Serene Contortions is a "your" check so it could only be a one of. Still, that would push the thoertical limit up over 400.
  10. All right, 26 is the die limit so doing some spitballing... Amiri makes the check. You need someone with a base d12 combat die, and the casters aren't going to work because all of their Attack cards force you to roll tiny dice. Same problem with Merisiel, tiny weapon dice and Backstab is 2d6. Berserker Amiri gives you a baseline of 1d12(Strength) + 1d10(Rage) + 4(Rage) + 6(melee). You can discard a Vicious Great Axe for 2d12+6 and two Belts of Physical Might to round out her hand for an extra +4 Totaled up, that's 3d12 + 1d10 + 20 as the baseline, which I don't believe any other character can top. The remaining 22 dice can all come from blessings, easily done with enough Favors of Gorum and Lamashtu. For party comp, you want one Spell, Item, and Ally from everybody. I... don't think activated powers matter. Valeros, Harsk, and Lem's powers force you to roll small dice and even maxed out they can only match a d12. Any five of Seelah, Seoni, Kyra, Lini, Ezren, Sajan, and Harsk would work. Spells (+18): Strength or Improved Guidance on everyone. Should be +15, but you can go crazy spamming Emerald Codexes on Amiri until she gets one too. Allies (+36): Liberated Blue Dragons, at +6 each. Have fun farming a half dozen of them! Items (+0): All the combat support items add dice, not modifiers. Sad times. Put it all together, and you get: 25d12 + 1d10 + 74 Maximum roll with that is 384 (mean 242), and so that's about the ceiling unless I missed something major.
  11. Highest I can recall in regular play was a low 200s. Pulled out my default legendary party and fiddled around a bit. Unfortunately, it might be that dice are capped at a maximum of 26 on any given roll. You can still discard past that point, but the additional dice do not show on the UI, nor do they appear to count toward the check. I made several attempts with roughly 40d12+6d6+15 and never saw anything close to the ~300 mean you'd expect from that roll. I also saw several results below 200, which would be a sub-1% outcome if those were the actual numbers getting rolled. Small data set, but I'm too lazy to bother with additional confirmation. Assuming the cap is 26 die, then you want to be rolling all d12s for a mean of 169 (max 312) plus whatever base modifiers you can cram into the equation. With extreme min-maxing, I'm sure it's possible to break 300, but again, I'm lazy.
  12. It looks like the alternate versions of Ezren and Seelah don't currently apply their respective -1 to Arcane and Melee. So I guess enjoy that until it gets patched.
  13. Aside from the bugs—which are awful and need fixing—I loved it. Especially on heroic/legendary, since the extra scenario condition requires some careful planning to play around.
  14. Except, if you're playing a solo character - good luck with that. BEST case scenario, the final villain will have +20 to defeat. I don't think Obsidian actively tried to make it impossible for solo - they just didn't care enough. Probably going to be pretty hard with someone like, say, Lem but I think it's still achievable for the stronger heroes with the right deck lineup. Quills to scry the location decks quickly so that you have time to sit and cycle your deck to set up the correct combination of cards for tackling a given villain. Blessings of Lamasthu would probably be essential for the last couple villain attempts. Hardly guaranteed, but I don't know about impossible. Edit: Just gave it a try with as solo Seoni. Took six attempts, not counting instant re-rolls for bad wild card draws. Deck: Disintegrate Haste Gozreh's Trident (2) Scrying (2) Emerald Codex Revelation Quill Wand of Enervation (2) Evangelist Poog of Zarongel (3) Blessing of Pharasma (5) Favor of Pharasma (2) Deck could be optimized a fair bit more, but it did the job. The clear order was Maze > Vault > Crypts because the one card per check limit in Festering Maze of Sloth makes going the other direction impossible. There are a few random things that you're really looking to dodge while clearing, 1. Don’t encounter Arzaven early. Ideally, you don’t want to see him more than once, since there’s no way to beat his first check, and you can’t afford to have 1d4+1 cards just ripped out of your deck more than a couple of times. 2. After clearing the first location, don’t have the villain flee to the Vault of Greed. If you lose this coin-flip it means fighting an extra villain, which is no good. 3. Beat Ordikon on the first try whenever you encounter him. You just don’t have the resources to handle multiple huge checks. Maybe you can have one of those three happen and still have a chance, but if you encounter two or more, then you should probably start over. Was definitely harder than clearing with a six character party, but it made for a nice change of pace as usually a larger party makes for the more challenging scenario.
  15. Definitely the hardest Legendary yet. Even setting aside the myriad technical issues, you have to strike a very delicate balance between closing locations and not allowing the stacking villain bonus to get too high. But, like every other challenging Legendary up to this point, the best solution is more scrying. Quill, Amulet, Scry, Augury, anything you can get your hands on. I think this might be the first scenario where I'd put Harsk in the recommended lineup. In most other Legendaries encountering the Villian is no big deal and often just results in a fairly quick location closure, but the careful timing required in Sins makes even Harsk's anemic scouting tool invaluable.
  16. Legendary is hard, and it supposed to be, and you should be expected to plan for difficulty as outlined in the rules. Technical issues are not part of that bargain, and a player would be justified in having their hard work undone by a random bug. You're being flippant, and the support forum isn't really a good place for that.
  17. I would accept this as an explanation if the game forced you to forgo the free movement as a penalty, or hell, even if it flat out failed the scenario when you have no valid move location, but that's not what happens. The game simply stalls out on the movement prompt and you're forced to either forfeit manually from the options menu or quit the application to re-jigger it as I did. If it is intended then the game needs to give you some kind of feedback.
  18. So, the Stone Head locations in this scenario have the following condition, However, the adjacent movement restriction imposed by the Legendary difficulty setting still applies to this forced movement so if there are no open Stone Heads proximate to the one you just closed, you can't do anything. This interaction can't be intended, right? It if was then a fail-state ought to trigger and end the scenario rather than leaving you stuck in limbo. I managed to bypass this problem by resetting the game, which allowed the currently active character to move into a closed location upon loading my save. After that, the other characters at that location simply didn't have the movement condition trigger at all and normal play continued, proceeding on to the next character in the turn order. I doubt that interaction is intended either, but it at least saved me the trouble of restarting the scenario from scratch and arduously planning closures to avoid anyone getting trapped at a location. I assume the same issue would present if the last Stone Head you closed did not have an open path to the Sihedron Circle location, but I was lucky enough that the last Head I closed had a link. But I did encounter a second issue. Only the two characters at the location I was closing were moved to the Sihedron Circle, while my other four characters at different locations all remained in place. To summarize, Issue 1: When playing the Rimeskull scenario on Legendary difficulty, the "At This Location" condition can cause characters to become trapped when closing a Stone Head location if they have no adjacent open locations to which they can move. Issue 2: After closing the final Stone Head location, only some characters get moved to the central Sihedron Circle. I think it only moves characters in locations with a link to the Sihedron Circle, but I'm not sure and haven't gone back to test anything.
  19. So, I know you're, like, the guy in charge of making this whole thing, but I want to disagree. For the likes of Lem, the game already contains a wealth of high-quality caster items such as Orbs, Want of Enervation, Amulet of Location, etc. On the other hand, its starved for decent non-caster items. Nearly everything without an Arcane or Divine requirement is very situational, and so often ends up dead or as discard fodder. It's bad enough that even minus the cure effect Staff of Minor Healing would remain one of the best items in the game simply for the deck thinning and card cycle. I think the power to go in any character's deck without diluting it is what makes the Emerald Codex most valuable, because while a handful of its spells want the Divine skill, most don't. This makes it ideal for characters like Sajan or Valeros, who lack both access to general purpose caster items and/or the ability to convert dead cards into resources à la Merisiel or Amiri.
  20. I did The Black Tower on legendary with six party members; It was fun! I think that and Sandpoint Under Siege are probably the hardest legendary scenarios for this adventure.
  21. Hmm, local heroes is a good idea. I'll give that a try. Wonder what best party size/comp is. Wish quest mode just gave ~450 gold like it ought to, so that would be the best way to farm. Edit: Yeah good call, local heroes with Seoni is 2-3 minutes.
  22. Currently, I'm clearing Brigandoom! with solo Seoni using the following deck: 2x Haste 2x Poison Blast 2x Scry 1x Healing Poultice 2x Amulet of Inescapable Location 1x Robert Quink 3x Poog of Zarongel 7x Blessing/Favor of Pharasma Right now a run takes 3-6 minutes depending on luck. Wondering if anyone's come up with a more optimal way to farm gold?
  23. Vicious Likewise for Vicious Axe. Kind of a bummer that the best weapon in the game so far is a common treasure card from Deck 1.
  24. I've had Ezren and Seoni use it on their own and the others combat rolls multiple times since the patch and it's always 2d4.
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