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  1. And as a side note I want to mention that I do have a lot of respect for Josh and understand that achieving his goal is something that is not possible without making the choices so unimpactful on gameplay that they by necessity will be underwhelming in scale. If I wanted to design a game system in which I could design my characters by a dart board I would do they same thing he is doing now. To clarify I can live with the current design of damage stat, accuracy stat, ability size stat. What bothers me so much is that the difference between Heman and Squeaky voiced teen seems to amount to nothing. The current stat system isn't freedom it's a mock choice. Do I want a liter of cola or 1.03 liters of cola?
  2. . It's funny because Joshes' idea of freedom seems to be getting to do whatever you want within a 20 foot cubical. Plus you are surrounded by rounded corners and bubble wrap. And these nifty knee pads and helmet are pretty frisking sweet dude. I made the choice of coloring mine blue.
  3. Or maybe I see it as a world that hasn't led the same kind of sheltered and easy going life that most Americans and europeans now enjoy? Becuase even in our modern world that aren't political and criminal organizations that would kill people by the hundreds, thousands, or even millions? I take it you've never had that learning experience?
  4. I never called it herasy to get XP for not killing things. I love how the only way you can try to come up with an arguement is to try to push that idea. I don't love kill exp I dislike Objective exp. So please please please anyone of of you who bothers reading this it's not about Wanting kill Xp it's about not wanting objective XP. when you can wrap your head around that maybe you can begin to understand why I don't want it. It turns the game into a "walk from point A to point B as quickly as possible". It turns activity that is not on that direct path into a waste of time and resources. Sawyer talked about kill XP being a way to promote degenerative play but he should look at games that do it and see degeneracy that can go with it. I used to play DDO for a while. You'd be able to get little chunks of XP here and there for things like optional objectives and completionism(breaking items/sneaking past most enemies or killing most enemies) but the vast majority of the XP came from quest completion. As a result about half the population of the servers would litterally just run past most all the enemies to get to the end goal turning trivializing most of the quest. Even though it's not a playstyle I enjoyed I didn't blame those people as it was the most efficient way of completing the quest. But turbine didn't like it and probably saw it as a degenerative way to play the game. So they came up with dungeon alert which buffs enemies AC/damamge and at red alert gives every mob on the map the ability to slow your movement by about 80% if you get hit. However because they never did proper testing there would be maps where through no fault of the player doing a normal paced walkthrough of a dungeon would trigger the dungeon alert to yellow and in some cases red alert. Not only that but multiple players all share the dungeon alert meter so spliting up a party to do multiple tasks becomes something very annoying as it will easily trigger the ridiculus bonuses the monsters get. So basically normal players get to deal with a stupid and annoying mechanic so that turbine could feel better at slowing down(and failing at it) degenerative play. Mass Effect II was another game that had objective Only XP and with it(not because of) came levels with infinite respawn cheese, uninspired linear levels, almost 0 exploration, a rather dull leveling system, not being able to reach the max level without buying DLC, one of the worst final encounters of any game I've ever played to completion, Horrible itemization schemes, etc... The combat had it's moments and could be fun but that didn't change the fact that I found those other aspects of the game lacking and/or not fun. Needless to say I didn't find it a game worth replaying since I bought near it's release.
  5. Bard CC for the win. Played right a bard can be the MVP.
  6. bards can and should utalize their bardic music abilities in combat
  7. I personally liked the way New vegas handled EXP more than any other game. You could approach things in multiple ways and EXP never seemed to be any kind of issue in any of my playthroughs and I never focused on combat at the begining.
  8. yeah because in the real world you get better at things by avoiding them right? I also like how every time this comes up it's always used as the example of slaughtering hapless villagers. when I see you guys do this it cheapens your arguements so much it's not even funny. I can't think of a single game where I was able to kill npc villagers and did so for XP or gold. Well I guess it all depends on how the combat turns out in the end. But if it turns into a game when resource management (health/spell limits/item consumption) actually matters it becomes the ONLY smart choice(doing the exact opposite of sawyers intended goal) to avoid all combat. If you'd like I'll do a play through of Baldurs Gate II and list all the enemies that become something that I would be able to avoid swiftly and and without penalty if they did not offer XP. I do enjoy combat in video games, but I also have a need to play smart. To me if these two things are conflicted than I find that to be a poor design decision. I guess it all depends on how they do things but in other games where they award set ammounts of exp at the end of a mission I have found it to be an unenjoyable aspect in them.
  9. My only problem with it is it makes avoiding combat the best way to handle most any given situation that doesn't net you magic items or directly achieve quest goals.
  10. 1) will wait and see...but I'm glad we're not going to be stuffing 20 potions down every fight...stopping for a drink has never been a valid tactic in any known form of combat 2) resurrection just makes death inconsequential, good riddance 3) will have to wait and see how this works out.. 4) see 3 5) good 6) I hate artificial restrictions on what you can do and rigid abilities, no one should be able to do everything but you should be able to make an unconventional character 1. Neither has magic(which is what potions are) yet thats making its way into the game. And what IE games were you playing where you chugged 20 potions down every fight? 2. So does characters that just get back up after every fight(looking at you NWN2). 5. And I love that you think it's not logical to be able to heal yourself with magic and think that avoiding combat shouldn't have eny bearing on your experience or ability in battle.
  11. really it's retarded that strength can affect accuracy? the stronger you are the faster you can swing. The faster you swing the more likely you are to hit your opponent and to smash through their defense. While there is something to be said about the importance of hand eye coordination in combat but that doesn't mean a stronger(bigger) opponent holds a lot of advantage in combat. Why do you think most professional fighting organizations place so much importance into dividing people into weight class?
  12. I'm confused. I was under the impression that the necromancer was not going to be in this game. Yet some people seem to be trying to raise the dead. Also Osvir is right.
  13. . You seem to be missing my point entirely while proving it at the same time. I'm saying its not worth putting in the builders because of all of the additional work that would be needed in order to satisfy your expectations of them.
  14. They were talking about only having single attack animations for all weapon types because they likely would not have the time or resources for more. So spending dev time on saw and hammer animations doesn't seem like best use of the animators time. If it means the difference between having another new location to explore or seeing people build my stronghold I'd have to side new location. In my mind I doubt that I'd spend more than the very beginings of a building being built before I'm already off on a new adventure so a feature like this doesn't really appeal at all to me. I consider something fluff when it can take the some ammount of time and effort as something that can actually impact play but has no impact on the game in any meaningful way. And putting time and effort into how the buildings look before they are actually built seems like something thats too little return for the effort needed. Again my opinion.
  15. I think this is polish, and I hope a significant amount of energy is put into it.. The biggest problem I have with fluff like this aside from it needing more resources than it is worth(IMO) is that the people who want to add such a feature would never be happy anyways. They would complain that they kept hammering the same spot. That they didn't have a big enough stockpile of resources for the work. Where are the lodging for the workers? Why can't I have "deep immersive" conversations with handyman 13? Where are their daily schedules? Why aren't they getting delayed by the weather? Why didn't their clothing change with the seasons? I could go on but the point is people who want and love fluff are never satisfied with the current level of fluff and are always demanding more. They also tend to act rather cluelessly as to how much dev time would be needed to put in everything they want. I personally think that their time is much better served being put to use elsewhere.
  16. Ass Backwards: You have an uncanny ability to sense your immediate surroundings making it impossible for enemies to flank you. However this makes it more difficult to focus on whats in front of you preventing you from flanking others. The Quiet Cool: You never were the brightest bulb in the box and must of been busy the day they were handing out brains. You suffer a -1 penalty to intelligence. However the opposite sex tends not only overlook your simplistic ways but finds them both cute and enduring. You gain benefits when dealing with the opposite sex. He's Coming Right For Us: You are adept at gaining the upperhand aginst opponents that are not readily hostile towards you and gain a benefiet to attack and damage against oppenents for the first six seconds of aggression. However word has gotten around at your unsavory tactics and you suffer a penalty to all dimplomacy checks. You Only Live Once: Your many many brushes with death have taught you to err on the side of caution. You suffer a penaty to attack in order to gain a bonus to defence. Day Dreamer: You often find your mind wondering around and thinking of creative ways to use your talents. Every so often you will gain a flash of insight that will give you bonuses to crafting skills. However this often distracts you from the present and you find youself lost in thought. You suffer a penalty to active skills until you are able to bring your creation to fruition. Dirty Bird: Lets face it you've never made hygiene a priority and it shows. You suffer a penality to all social interactions. However your great stench has it benifiets as enemies within 5 feet of you find themselves unable to breath properly and suffer a penalty to attack if they spend more than 6 seconds near you.
  17. Perfect and after that we can go on a pseudo-adventure in which upon entering the area we pick a faction we helped and check boxes for what tasks we accomplished.
  18. I have to agree that the phrasing for the poll is pretty poor. Should I be able to but everything and the kitchen sink from vendors? No. By the end of the game should I of been able to buy the items I really wanted to get? Yes.
  19. Well if you consider that sarevok is likely using a +3 weapon+ with other THAC0 increasing items (he's a fighter and thinking he'd gear himself differently then a player would be silly.) so 5+ He that he is proficient as well as most likely being being level 17+ (considering his hp I don't think this is much of a stretch). so 17+ He's in a position of power and wealth so having potions or belts or abilities to push his str to 23+ I don't think is far off either. so 5+ so his THAC0 being at least -7 or lower even at -8 ac he'd still hit on a 2
  20. is should depend on the kinds of enemies you're fighting. Enemies with mind powers or strong magics would make sense to have easy communication methods
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